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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. I read that 70% of hospitalizations in Texas were hispanic. Not sure where I got that but it was either hospitalizations in Texas or Houston. Either way it shows they are being infected/affected at a much higher rate than the general population
  2. Case spread isn't near as much higher in the hispanic demographic as death rate. It's higher, but not THAT much higher. Obesity is a HUGE factor with this thing, but making a big deal out of that would be fat shaming I guess.

    Hispanics are great people but physical fitness and health is not a big part of that culture.
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    He also issued exec orders/actions over the weekend to help renters and home owners who are having trouble because of COVID. actions aslo included a stimulus payment to families, deferrement options for student loans and payroll tax relief. Dems instantly bashed it ... after they have stalled on a new covid relief package for 4 weeks and asked for things such as prohibiting the requirement for ID when voting and allowing mail in ballots (not absentee, just mail in) and some other items that were unrelated.

    media instantly bashed him. go figure.
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  4. Hidalgo county is has a significant share of the state's cases, considering their population. They are sure that it has to do with border crossover.

    Also, looks like Dallas County, and some others, have been batching reports. So, basically, they sandback for a few days and save others for to report together for a larger number. And they have been doing it on days when the trends would be lower. Seems to happen on a routine pattern. It has been gamed to the point where the state's 7 day report on fatalities, which is still trending down even with the reporting issue, has had to list as incomplete for multiple weeks.
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  5. Hidalgo and Cameron Counties....4.1% of the population, 7% of the cases, 13% of the deaths.

    It's a combination of obvious factors, none of which have to do with politics.
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  6. made me think of the Front Porch thread ... :)
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  7. When you look at how Alex spells it out, it becomes clear, science has figured out out to coexist with the virus and effectively treat those who are infected.

    Yet that asshat fauci, who has very little time as an attending physician, won't consider that reality.
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    And to be honest, New York will be fine too. 99.83% of New Yorkers have survived COVID. 1 death out of every 591 people over 6 months time. And that's by far the worst outcome of anywhere in the world (along with New Jersey). And you know what, another poster here said about 6 weeks ago "just wait a few months, New York will be an afterthought". He's right, it will mostly be an afterthought. That's the way life is. Things happen, people move on, life goes on.
  9. And the media is touting that they were the only ones who did it right.
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  10. Something to point out from that link, as you signaled, flu deaths could actually be higher that the number put out there now.

    but something else caught my eye. the timeline in the first paragraph. it is possible that covid is running the same time line. that count for that flu started in the usual October. If you start with the effective spread here, Mid March, then, if the typical virus timeline were to hold up, we are now in the downside, basically flu season's March. Next month will be interesting to track.
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  11. [​IMG]

  12. The Mask Mandate has resulted in a 100% reduction of But'erface
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  13. Johnson County now shows only 24 active cases
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  15. Can’t get sick if you’re dead

  16. No, but they can sure as hell still vote.
  17. Some of you folks might recall the Merle Haggard classic with a similar title.

    (Now try and get that song out of your head ;)

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