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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. I have complete faith that they're trying. That's all I said. You can choose to believe whatever you want. Also worth noting that just because you aren't totally in the loop on any progress being made doesn't mean that none is being made.
  2. Our government is certainly not “trying everything they can.” This isn’t even an issue up for debate.


    You can argue about whether they’re doing everything they should. But not about whether they’re doing everything they can.
  3. When this is all said and done I suspect we’ll find out that “widespread testing” in situations like these will be down the list of future planning. How many people would test positive for influenzas or rhinovirus that never get tested?
  4. My wife and I are both retired and don't require the $1,200 funding from Uncle Sam, as there are more needy families and individuals who are unemployed and may become more destitute later on.

    These funds should be sent to those unemployed, primarily, and could extend the funding further and more often where most needed.
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  5. 110% agree. What's that line from Shawshank? Get busy living or get busy dying? We aren't living right now. How long can we sustain that?
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  6. Moose Stuff family doesn't need it right now either. Eventually we might but I'm certain many others are more deserving than us at the moment.
  7. Lots of focus on a federal response. Would think that more emphasis needs to be placed on local and state preparedness.

    EDIT: In one of the relocated threads I said that I hope people start paying more attention to down-ballot local races. Those folks have much more impact on lives than we give them credit for.
  8. I hope you are right.

    Not trying to be all doomsdayish but a big reason for the panic is that no one has much faith in our leaders right now - republicans or democrats. I guess this is their chance to show us we are wrong.
  9. States and local governments are focusing on their core service deliveries: public safety, education, utilities, etc.

    The feds are needed for the disaster relief aspect—leveraging CDC, NIH, military, Army Corps, etc. Primarily, federal money and a unified vision for responding are what’s needed from the top. (Eg, federal money for healthcare delivery and infrastructure and unemployment benefits delivery).

    Should be a partnership. But the feds have to pull their levers of power to get the resources to the states to in turn deliver to people.
  10. Unfortunately they've already made the decision to go down this path and to reverse course will be very awkward unless the number of infections is way, way down, which I highly doubt they will be.

    We're voluntarily destroying our economy, that's the only certain thing that's coming out of this. Everything else is speculation and unknown.
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  11. Yup and got dropped when they learned he passed the federal background check
  12. Garland? Is that you?
  13. And anyone who has faith in the media to accurately report completely and without bias has misplaced faith.
  14. SMH.... maybe we can invade China and steal their supplies. I mean that's something we COULD be doing too. The OP basically said they had no plan and questioned if they were doing anything. Someone will always find fault with what they're doing but I'm confident they're doing everything they see fit at this point in time.
  15. Think we have to forget the month delay/or cavalierish attitude. They seem to be getting much more serious, by bringing in a group, FEMA, more known for moving things around organizationally, to head this up... should be a big positive.

    So there does seem to be an improved path to some success, regardless of being asleep at the wheel for several weeks... following the China flight cut off. Agree we should be much further along and many more lives saved when all is done.
  16. I have faith in our government.
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  17. this one hundred times over....i don't need to know what "famous" person or member of the government tested positive.

    i don't need to know how many people died in italy or how many new cases they have, but give me the relevant information

    reminds me a bit of the news broadcast during harvey. after about 2 straight days of pictures of reporters standing out in the rain, showing flooded roads, and people on roof tops it starts to bleed together and we stop paying attention to you.
  18. Hard to argue against that.
  19. Yeah, I have zero faith in that.
  20. Everyone’s economy is wrecked. You know that right?

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