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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Covid19 is much worse than the flu. It kills. Old, young, healthy, rich, poor, etc. It survives on surfaces much longer than most viruses.

    I'm willing to wait and see if we can start shrinking the infected population in the US.

    Biggest problem is the lack of respirators needed to,keep the sick alive. We can fix that problem.

    I agree this sux and maybe it is an over reaction, but given the downside why risk it?
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  2. I’m willing to go over fda package inserts and adverse reactions. You’d be surprised. There’s a reason Pharmaceutical companies are sued all the time and recall horrible products. So go on with telling me how benevolent the pharmaceutical companies are?
  3. Again, maybe if he wasn't preoccupied by a worthless trial, his administration would have been more mindful of it.
  4. Another view. Found it interesting as it's all in the numbers:

  5. After the smoke clears, we could be breaking away from China. This thought could be lying just under the table so to speak by the Trump Administration, and as time goes on we slowly quit breastfeeding.
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  6. It's really fascinating to see how the John Birch worldview has sustained itself over the years in uncanny ways.
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  7. the impeachment trial made him anti science? it’s now coming out the US military identified a possible pandemic in january but he wouldn’t listen. I’m sure Obama will be brought up next. he was also acquitted in early feb. he didn’t take CV seriously until mid March.

    trump has done good things while in office. but his missteps and lack of smart leadership during this is indefensible. a president should never be above criticism, even from his base. but that’s where we are in this country.
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  8. Can some of the politicians that have been in office 25 plus years get a little blame as well for the rules/regulations that are in place as well or is that too much to ask? Do I agree with everything Trump has done? Hell no but the dude has been there 3 years.
  9. Liked because I know this guy. TCU grad.
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    SIAP, but I received the below email/article from my uncle, so I figured I’d pass along....

    This is the best piece I’ve read on the best & worst case scenarios of the virus. More importantly, it describes why it is so important to follow the rules. It’s long but I encourage everyone to read the whole thing. It’s important to be informed. Initially I did not understand how serious it is, but I’m now a full blown believer that we all need to strictly follow the rules:

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  11. Really? Thanks - this was mucho work on his part.
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  12. Voted for Trump once, will vote for Trump again.... do not agree with all he does and will happily admit he says lots of things I wish he didn't.... that being said, if you want people to take you even remotely seriously you might consider not saying stupid [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] yourself.... the assertion that Trump is "anti science" is completely ignorant.
  13. Sorry. From the guy that likes to try to grab other people's wives pussies? You're either a bit, terrible troll or hypocrite.
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  14. He’s only anti science when he doesn’t agree with their science. It’s not that their assessment of the science is wrong, it’s that he just doesn’t believe in science at all. In summary, people are stupid.
  15. Having no sports to watch on Saturday really sucks!
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  16. Not bats or pangolins, but...

    and these people have claimed to be civilized for centuries...
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  17. Omg I just threw up. You gotta put a warning on that man!
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  18. Liked bc of your screen name.
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  19. Ahhh yes, lawyers filing lawsuits. Science!

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