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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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  4. Yall are still in here?
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  5. Edit: All Y'all are still in here?
  6. Probably have loaded up with refining stocks.
  7. Except most importantly don’t go to work if you are sick at all. And try to physically distance as much as possible, especially if by someone for an extended period indoors. And wear a mask if you can’t physically distance. And wash hands/ hand sanitizer. We are doing a good job keeping this around a Rt of 1 opening up. Drifting up in some states but nothing too concerning. Outside not much worry. Inside with sustained contact more risk. Not sure how much is due to seasonality, but a nice reprieve.

    I’m in Colorado in Steamboat and it’s 100% masks all the time inside here. I have yet to see someone without a mask. Really no big deal at all. Mountain not open for mountain biking and Yampa too fast for anything but rafting but great hikes, biking and fishing (although I don’t fish). New normal is pretty much like old normal except people being more conscientious, restaurants less crowded; mainly outdoor seating.
  8. *Added* 2.5 M jobs in May. Unemployment down to 13.2%!

    Great start. I assume we’ll find out restaurants and retail reopening brought a bunch of people back from unemployment.
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  9. In Texas about 2/3 of the job losses were retail/restaurant workers. I would guess almost all of the 2.5M added this week are those type jobs.

    This fall/winter is going to be very interesting when the government stops writing checks. Another relief bill is already in the works, and people already have $600/week extra unemployment through July. It's incredible the amount that's been spent.
  10. Could not agree more.

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