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Discussion in 'The Swamp' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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    If you’re concerned with destruction of property and not destruction of human life, you’re missing the point.

    Talk, thinks and work to solve the disease, not the symptoms.

    A handful of left and right wing lunatics, and our president will try to distract you by giving you someone or some group to blame. The problem is with both structural and individual racism that creates death and distrust in the black community. That’s the problem. Work to fix the disease and the symptoms will go away too. Ignore or deflect or get distracted from or buy in to the president and radical left and right blame game and distractions and the real problem will just persist and nothing will ever get better (George Floyd, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and on and on).

    When you waste time with the “but but white people get murdered, too” and other whataboutisms, you are simply dehumanizing the black community, ignoring the deep problems, and perpetuating the disease. Be better.
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  2. You’re the one talking about outside forces involved in these protests. People who think there are crisis actors and Sandy Hook was faked have a set of go-to boogey men, Soros chief among them. Maybe it’s 5G towers that are behind the protests. Or windmills.
  3. Pointing out that the numbers don’t support the conclusion that systemic racism is to blame when police kill black men isn’t wasting time if it helps us better understand and focus on what is to blame - which is likely adrenaline combined with a power-trip attitude that transcends race. Dismissing those who disagree with your assessment of this situation as ignorant of race issues itself ignores valid points. Be so concerned about police killings of black men that you’re willing to put aside the SJW bravado and recognize that others are concerned as well, but think the problem isn’t quite as simple as you and the crowds suspect. Ferguson was 6 years ago. Diversity among police departments and their command structures is at an all-time high. Diversity training is pervasive. Reminders of police abuses against minorities are ubiquitous. And yet here we are, nonetheless. Maybe, just maybe, there’s more to it than race.
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  4. If we can keep it low level like it is now we could be heading for a quiet summer. But it is a virus and it will keep spreading- slower if we keep doing the things to limit spread, faster if we don’t.
  5. Thanks Donald !
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    Following up on Froginmn's political stupid question.... and you come along and make it more so. Don't be a Bozo with another red herring comment... just answer the question.
  7. America is in freefall. 40 million unemployed. 100,000+ dead from corona virus. Cities are burning with protest, riots, and police brutality. Where is the President of the United States?
  8. He's always been a Coward ... especially when it comes to humanitarian issues.
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  11. i wish this were true.


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