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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Really? You didn’t say or infer that other races aren’t murdered by police? Well let’s check the scorecard.

  2. I think what @TCUdirtbag would point out is the word "systematically", that is to say they aren't murdered by police because of their race the way African Americans are.

    Whether or not you agree with that, I don't think that's the same thing as saying other races don't get murdered by police.
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  3. For the record he said “systemically,” not “systematically.”
  4. See, and I even try to make sure that I got that one right and I still got it. Shamed.
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  5. Y'all really darned this whole deal up today, apparently
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  6. Awfully fine line given the inclusion of the word “murder.”
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  8. this got moved the to the general board? !

    kfc has no right to do this. you’ll be hearing from government regulation! you have no right!

    this argument doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it R’s?
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  9. Dirtbag ... you're wasting your time on this topic. These guys are on the low end of sensitivity for humanity. There's certain things to battle them ... but this thing... no.
  10. You two hug it out.
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  11. What were you thoughts on the young black guy beating the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out of nursing home patients. You were quiet on that one. News has been too
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  12. I’m sure this is somehow obamas fault, we just need to look harder. we need to look at his half kenyan brother living in that hut while we are at it.

    this is top 3 most embarrassing days of the trump presidency. I’d probably rank it #1 - even in front of calling a pandemic a democratic hoax and telling people to drink bleach. at least those thoughts came from an angle of positivity.

    now this, this takes the cake. from an R president no less. it’s been fun to watch you guys trip over yourselves defending this and losing every argument. this is indefensible and goes against everything the party stands for.

    i for one welcome our new censorship regime. I think we should go after newspapers next. we need to call NK and china to get some insight on best practices - because apparently that’s where we are headed.
  13. You’re obviously trying hard to misrepresent the point I made, which is your prerogative, but I don’t really get your point in doing so. Are you denying that systemic racism exists? Denying that unarmed black people are getting murdered by law enforcement with disturbing frequency? You seem to be a contrarian in search of a point on this.
  14. Haven’t read about this but what you say is awful.

    One bad actor is also not the same issue as systemic racism. So shame on you for this gross whataboutism.
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  15. I suppose this episode is Trump’s fault too. What do you want him to do about it? Minnesota is one of the most left wing states, I assume this happened in the middle of an area almost completely controlled by Democrats.

    Racism exists everywhere. And it’s not going away overnight. So what’s the solution?
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    Racism exists in police departments, certainly. I certainly don’t believe it is systemic, at least not in large cities. Other than that, I don’t deny anything in your post I quoted here. But your point earlier was that these deaths are, systemically, racially motivated, and the stats don’t support that conclusion.
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  17. Not great, but Charlottesville remains far and away the most embarassing day of his Presidency. I don't think he can top that, nor do I want to live in a country where he does. I do think he's learned at least a bit since then.
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  18. Cool thread fellas. Anyway, back to the Corona....


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