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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  2. That's so fly, man.
  3. I agree - I’m all for a smaller government - which is why I think the trump presidency is an absolute failure. government has grown under his watch, spending is at levels never seen before.

    a good example of his growing government is the pending executive order on social media.
  4. Point me to a candidate that isn’t going to grow the government and increase spending.
  5. I’m pretty fly...for a Right guy.
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  6. the point is that no one is. but limited spending and government is the only reason to vote R. lord knows their opinions on social issues are all types of backwards.
  7. The President just shared a video on Twitter that says "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat", the same day he plans to reveal his executive order because he doesn't like what Twitter allows on their website.

    Leaked picture of this executive order.
  8. Hey Sink:

  9. Still not enamored with a party that makes villains out of successful people, doesn’t believe in personal responsibility, wants to stop drilling for oil, wants to turn everyone vegan and militantly defends abortions. Not my thing.
  10. I especially liked this nugget.....

    "For society to resume, measures designed to reduce aerosol transmission must be implemented, including universal masking and regular, widespread testing to identify and isolate infected asymptomatic individuals."

    They forgot to add, "because we're a bunch of scheissing idiots" after "for society to resume".

    Good god, that's a pretty good indicator of what kind of people we're dealing with who publish these things. Completely oblivious to how the world works outside their little bubble.
  11. Only the beginning.
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  12. Your argument would make sense if they did it to evenly and uniformly not just to one group, how many tweets went out during the Russia collusion that were patently and absurdly false, millions went out from people who were supposed trusted resources. I have no problem if they want to "fact check" but do it uniformly. Spoiler alert, they won't. That's the issue, Carry on....
  13. I know you know this, but it bears repeating. The government is obligated to get involved in matters of censorship. How else would the First Amendment be upheld? Republican or Democrat, you can't deny that.
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  14. and allow anyone to say anything until it doesn't meet your agenda and then flag it and fact check
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  15. Walk us through all of those backwards opinions on social issues that are officially a part of the Republican Party platform.
  16. so the government should regulate fairness for private businesses? you are comfortable with that thought whenever a D is president?
  17. Why would that be any different?

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