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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Did you drive all the way from Louisiana to ride your bike?
  2. Trump hitting the links today as the U.S. approaches 100,000 dead.
  3. Are you still afraid of your own shadow?
  4. when you have better than perfect results what else do you want the man to do?
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  6. Never been afraid of my own shadow. Duly scared of corona while my wife is undergoing chemo.
  7. He was shooting for 100k deaths?
  8. actually the experts told us that if we did everything perfect we should expect 240,000 and these are the experts right?

    if the experts are to be trusted than 40% of the perfect number is nothing short of miraculous wouldn't you say?
  9. Damn. I missed 1,000.

    Island time.

    I shall be banished from this thread. But wth, drinking my seltzer at 9:55 AM. I shall be OK.
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  10. So you’re saying this is over? No more deaths? That IS miraculous. Or is that this calendar year? Seems a bit early to hang that Mission Accomplished banner and see how you’re hitting 'em on the front nine.
  11. Tyler hitting the KFC forums as his wife is supposedly dying.

    Edit. You need to seek some professional help with your Trump Derangement Syndrome.
  12. curious, and i apologize to the rest of the board for asking you this question, but exactly what could he do today to make sure there are no more deaths?
  13. Considering 60% of them were in Cuomo's state or California, I'd say Trump did pretty well.
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  14. She’s not dying you sonofabitch. She’s fighting cancer and she’s doing a hell of a job.
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  15. Both New York and California are American states. He’s president there, too.
  16. No Trump killed them each with his own hands.
  17. Well, if that were the case with my wife, I'd actually keep the hateful karma to a minimum. But you apparently don't care how much hate you spew.

    And sounds like she's doing a hell of a job despite you.
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  18. But Trump can't control the governor sentencing thousands to die by putting sick people in elder care homes. So scheiss you.
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  19. Checking in to see if COVID is still a thing...
  20. The hypocracy of this degenerate is galling. A guy who called out the former president for playing golf now plays golf endlessly, while the taxpayer not only picks up the tab, but adding insult to injury, lines his own pockets with the same taxpayer funds.

    What could he do? He’s the leader of the free world and the richest country in the world. What could he not do?

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