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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. As if they haven’t been doing the same in Lubbock in recent years.
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  2. Not odd to me. But I will admit to being very close to moving to no games preferred over everything but full paid attendance. Currently it looks like this for me.

    1. Full paid attendance
    2. No fan attendance
    3. Partial attendance
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  3. I think they could setup a system for limited fan attendance where season tickets are only valid for certain games based on their location. Refunds could be given and the valid tickets could be traded on stub hub.

    I don’t like large crowds, so I actually have more fun at the games with smaller attendance.

    I do think we should just open up 100% though.
  4. That’s actually what I was thinking. I think they should promote the heck out of ticket sales and it should turn out just about right.
  5. That's an even odder take. I can't fathom preferring no games to anything .
  6. You just put them in alphabetical order...
  7. Can’t, wearing this mask.

  8. Thread..... he's 110% right about the media coverage.
  9. I’m just ready to get this thing on for real. Beginning to think that we need maximum pain to the maximum number of people before they stand up and say screw this...I’m not going to be subjected to your arbitrary restrictions and controls. Nobody is forcing anybody to attend anything. I think that allowing 20-25% capacity “properly social distanced” would allow the schools to get off the hook by placating enough of their important “constituents”. I’m leaning toward an all or nothing preference but not quite there yet. The longer we keep up this kabuki theater thing we’ve got going on the more I will feel that way.
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  10. LOL, some Karen's are just [ profanity ] idiots.

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  11. That’s awesome! That Karen just made it even better. Back in the 80’s, all of the best skater videos had some rent a cop trying in vain to chase the kids off.
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  12. Childhood flashbacks..
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  13. You're using crazy words..... LMAO.
  14. Wife and I went out for a bike ride in our neighborhood today. I didnt wear a helmet. Guy pulls up next to me on a bike wearing full gear - Lycra, helmet, and a full hospital style mask. Said something to me I couldn’t understand. Asked him to repeat it. Asked if I have been to JPS. Why do you ask? That’s where they take people when they have bicycle head injuries. Told him something I don’t regret that included wearing a mask on a bike ride as he rode off.
  15. Was it something like, “You know who else goes to JPS? Morons who don’t mind their own damn business.”
  16. Cant imagine what I might say back if some jackass like that confronted me.
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  17. [​IMG]
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