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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. That’s one thing we agree on. “Social distancing” at a football game? It’s a ridiculous idea and would not work.
  2. I'd much rather have a game with 5-10 thousand socially distanced people than one with an entirely empty stadium.
  3. D38A1BFB-73CF-4F4F-B3F3-8F1FF4A32344.jpeg I got this in a fortune cookie before our first Big 12 season

    Seems applicable now
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  4. I’m mainly intrigued in learning about the logistics on how it will work. Is it by seat number regardless of how many seats someone has together? Reassign seats completely for each game, keeping seat holders in their groups? Every other row or some other rationing? Do you let a certain number in each section in and let them spread out naturally?
  5. What about restrooms and concessions and tailgating? Sounds impossible but whatever.
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  6. I'm not at all intrigued by the logistics.
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  7. No idea if these numbers are accurate and I'm certain people on the other side will say the Rep states are suppressing their numbers or something so do with this what you want.
  8. Fair enough, although I am guessing on some level you are curious.

    I do think there will be temp and symptom checks. That is going to be a logistical challenge in itself and could result in delays getting in. Going to have to be well staffed at the gates.
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  9. It might be instructive to note that the latter 4 States didn't mandate that Chinese Virus positive patients be forced into nursing homes.
  10. I wouldn’t. Would prefer empty. But mainly I prefer that there’s games being played.
  11. Shut down the club, suites, and limit press box to 12 people which must include home and away radio and TV broadcast.
  12. How do you limit attendance anyway? Assign season ticket holders certain games? Cut ticket/parking prices 75% and make it a free for all and just close the gates when a certain number enter? It'd be damn near impossible and the epitome of Theatre Of The Absurd. Not to mention would probably alienate a huge portion of the fan base.

    IMO needs to be an essentially normal season with unlimited butts in seats or no fans and a complete refund to season ticket holders. I get the "something is better than nothing" idea but I just don't think it would work effectively at all.
  13. Agree
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  14. But at least there will be a legitimate reason for a late-arriving crowd....

  15. Tough break for the Coronabros.
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  16. That's an odd take man.
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  17. Yeah these are my questions and why I was surprised when I heard that Donati supposedly said it was an option they were preparing for. We’ll see I guess.
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  18. Texas Tech Troll: “TCU’s been practicing Social Distancing at Football Games for years”

  19. Good stuff until next week when a different analysis is published. Question...did people with season tickets authorize acquisition of personal medical data?

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