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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Huh?
  2. Curtis Luper’s restaurant at Hulen and 30.

  3. So key is to ID the “superspreaders” in advance. First step would be to see if there is asymptomatic superspreader spread. Hopefully most superspreaders have symptoms. I would expect a push to screen for symptoms in crowded spaces. Expect temp checks.
  4. What about Zippers?
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  5. I’m sure Zipper’s always open for you.
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  6. I laughed, and there weren't even any puppets.
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  7. Which is 110% exactly what he meant when he wrote that.
  8. I know someone who talked to Donati and as you might expect lots of scenarios and contingency plans are being discussed. Was semi surprised partial seat filling plans of some sort were a likely outcome or at least a distinct possibility. That sounds like a logistical nightmare to me.
  9. The lockdown is collapsing. Gradually, at first, but soon it will all come down very quickly. People are figuring out that the hype and panicmongering were just that: hype and panicmongering. Sure, there will be some mask-wearing holdouts, but those loons are the ones who enjoy berating others just so they can feel superior, AKA "Karens."

    People want to be free.
  10. I’m surprised you are surprised by this. I’ll get a refund before I’ll sit in a partially filled stadium wearing a mask. Would rather throw a watching party than take part in that farce.
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  11. If those are the conditions, I'm happy to watch from my pool with a Tiki drink in hand.
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  12. You can see it on the streets already. It’s busy out there.

    The number of virtue signalers driving around alone with a mask on has dropped considerably.
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  13. I noticed yesterday in Houston. There was traffic! Slowdowns! People going about their business!

    It was glorious...
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  14. Last night at HEB I think maybe 25% were wearing a mask. Nobody was staying far apart. It felt pretty damn normal. Thank god and darn all of this.
  15. things aren't back to normal at heb until they bring back their wine and beer samples
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  16. I mainly have a hard time imagining how it would work logistically.
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  17. I feel like you're darning with us and just making up silly terms now

    Darn a superspreader
  18. Makes it easier for you to blow me.
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