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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Okay guys and gals, <cough> y'all had your fun but we've reached a point where those threads descended into general board material. Please keep the discussion, as it pertains to political fall out, the federal government response, <cough> if Trump is the devil, etc. going over there.

    Thank you and <cough> I hope ya'll <cough> enjoy the rest of your <cough> week.

    UPDATE: we've been given a 24/7 video news feed with updated information. Here is the link to the page: https://killerfrogs.com/2020/03/12/covid-19-updates/
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  2. I now have to wash my hands and spray Lysol in my nose and mouth to keep myself safe after reading your post.
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  3. Your nose?

    You sniffed his post?

  4. Tom Hanks has it
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  5. Got too close to Wilson I guess.
  6. NBA season is suspended
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  7. Suspended or just fanless.
  8. Suspended.
  9. Rudy Gobert tested positive
  10. I'm guilty of taking the politibait.
    Of course on this topic it's virtually impossible to separate the politics from the illness, and most folks can be(and for days, have been) at least a bit subtle and restrained while expressing their views. OTOH, when one guy who lives in conspiracy land does an obvious troll job, how to respond?
    I'd love to have another option besides a direct response, and there probably is, I just don't know how. Seriously, is there a way to get an obviously out-of-bounds post deleted without killing the entire thread? Would love to know if so. Thanks.
  11. Interesting timing, as the NBA just suspended its season and travel to Europe has been suspended.
  12. College season will be cancelled next. Assume all college sports shortly thereafter. Say goodbye to TCU baseball over next couple weekends.

    Everyone forced to be home with no sports to watch.... I’m gonna volunteer as an Ebola patient
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  13. You kind of have to suspend/cancel it given NBA did so first.

    Dominoes are falling...
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  14. curious who leaked that information or if rudy announced it
  15. Not so sure

    from what I saw the NBA suspended the season because a bunch of players don’t want to play without fans

    betting our baseball team is willing to keep playing in front of staff and family only for at least a while...
  16. He’s not alone.
  17. Could be a contributing factor but the press release by the NBA suggests otherwise.
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  18. Literally my 2 favorite days of the entire year, First Round Thursday/Friday of the NCAA Tournament, up in flames.

    This is no different than telling an 8 year old me Christmas is cancelled, no presents, nothing, nada. Take down the Christmas tree, decorations, lights, and all.
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  19. Must have shared a bed.
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  20. I’m so sorry that this is happening to you

    Thoughts & prayers

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