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Coronavirus and sporting events

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by froginmn, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Whats confusing is some apples to oranges comparisons. U.S. healthcare isn't China so hard to know what its really like without a larger sample size in country. And nobody wants that.

    If I had to guess from what I read it seems slightly more powerful and slightly more contagious. I leave for Hungary next week and plan to conduct myself like the germaphobe I normally am.
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  2. One of the strange aspects of this that I heard in early reporting, was that kids either aren't getting it, or it doesn't affect them the way it does adults. Haven't heard any updated information on this topic in recent days, but I'm happy about at least that.
  3. Do everything outdoors, in the heat, or crank up the heater in the Baugh.
  4. Appears correct. I am told, wash your hands many times a day for at least 20 seconds each time. KEEP your hands OFF your FACE, NOSE, EYES and MOUTH. Virus is easy absorbed in those areas. Told whether you realize it or not, you TOUCH your face 16 to 23 times a day. Normally, some more often, like 30 times a day.
  5. This virus is being overhyped to push various geo political agendas.
  6. Tech fans are lucky. All those STDs they carry have built up an immunity to petty little things like SARS and CoronaVirus
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  7. so a 100% mortality rate
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  8. One of these two things are true:

    1. The Coronavirus is being overhyped by the media to push various geopolitical agendas.

    2. The Coronavirus was created in a lab to usher in a planned global depopulation event, hence why there is so much censorship going on about those trying to dig deeper.

    Most likely #1, but I wouldn't rule out #2.
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    I'm sure you'll find this much more aligned with your worldview...

    ...and this...
  10. One of those articles, and having been to Asia many times I agree 100%, states that the death toll in China is much higher in males and males in China are more likely to be chain smokers. No doubt. And that may be skewing the death rate.
  11. any mortality rates being provide with the coronavirus have to be met with some skepticism as you are accepting the data provided by china and everyone i know who has done business in china says accepting anything they tell you or provide you as fact should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism.

    second thought is my wife is a floor nurse for a fairly large regional hospital chain and they have been getting regular updates on how the hospital is approaching the potential impact.

    right now they are treating it in the same mindset as a bad flu season which shouldn't be viewed as they aren't serious about the potential impact.

    biggest issues are and doc and flyfishing could speak much authoritatively on this are the lack of true understanding just how bad this things is and how contagious

    i will say to this point it hasn't been met with the holy [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]......this could really be bad mindset some of the memos got when ebola popped up in dallas
  12. I wouldn't put it past being a Chinese biological weapon that was accidentally released
    or released on purpose.
  13. not just chain smokers, as living in certain cities in china is akin to living in london during the height of the industrial revolution where you might as well go breath directly from a smokestake

    had two friends who spent a great deal of time over in china setting up factories for american chemical companies and they said it was the worst air pollution they have ever seen beyond denver, la in the 70's or current day mexico city.
  14. actually as a medical professional with 50+ years seeing patients - my view comes mostly from the CDC - the organization tasked with building our defense against the list of diseases we fight on a daily basis in this country and really around the world.

    But I also understand that there are people making decisions without facts, knowledge or even training that should be considered because right or wrong - those decisions can affect you in a really bad way. Like force you to stay on a cruise boat that has become a petri dish for the virus and is running out of food and sanitation while you drift from place to place with no medical help...or forcing you to stay on a military base that is not prepared to handle infectious disease control or 300 civilians for two weeks and still releases infected people because the personnel in charge are not properly trained....or airlines that stop flights immediately and basically tell people good luck getting home...or countries that close borders without warning

    So your little poster can say all it wants when no one is really sure about transmission, incubation, severity, mortality rates, etc at this point - it doesn't mean it is prudent to ignore the reality of the situation and the predicament traveling to the wrong place or at the wrong time can put you in right now.

    As I said before - getting sick may be the least of your problems traveling over the next month or two.
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  15. This thing likely meets it's end in the warm up.
  16. I could get real wordy here, but let this medical issue get in a panic mode, would not benefit anyone, not anyone! Everyone has to stay in a stable frame of mind or unspeakable emotions could surface. We have the finest health system in the world. Let them do their job.
  17. worse than that. think Chattanooga in the peak of rail transpo, during the months when the air just did not move much. China is way worse than that. And seeing what those folks eat, due to the impacts of authoritarian socialism (as if there is another kind), it's amazing anybody lives to see 60 there.
  18. Flu is looking at this virus and thinking ... "[ muschi ]"
  19. tai chi every morning
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  20. Based on what?

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