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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Salfrog, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. I see that he has been fired, or shall I say was fired, right before the BIG12 tournament. Not surprised, but it was stated that he asked to give an interview about his involvement, and declined per advise from his lawyer, so the university fired him.
  2. I think we all knew this would be the end result. My only small quibble is that PR news cycling 101 says you quietly announce the firing at 4:30 last Friday, not let it trickle out midday on a Monday.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I have one other quibble. I'd still like to know the player/s he was paid to steer to this agent.

    I think if it wasn't for one of our players and was all about his cousin the situation looks a lot different than every other coach caught up in this scandal. Not saying that wouldn't violate any ethical code of conduct, but it's far less dirty IMO.
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  5. FWIW Mac says it was Jaylen.....
  6. Then I'd consider that unethical and he should be gone. Makes you wonder why a sports agent would offer even a dime to get dibs on an athlete that was hardly a sure thing, though. I honestly have more of an issue with the agent than Barker, but I can't conceive of a reason why a coach should make any money at all derived from the athletic ability of one of his athletes.

    Edit: I'd have given you a like, but Muck is the source so...
  7. I think the biggest reason why he was fired was because when CDC was still here he asked JD and his staff if there was anyone that would be on that list or was involved in any way with the agent. Everyone said "no" and had them all sign a paper saying they had no involvement.

    Once it came out a couple of weeks ago, he was put on administrative leave, then was asked to come in and give a statement. His lawyer advised him not to talk to anyone, so that gave the school cause to fire him on the spot.
  8. We need to raise our PR game. I think I said this 6 years ago, but they didn’t ask me.
  9. An alternative angle might look something like this. Little game of devils advocate is all.

    College players don’t know much about navigating through the sharks and gangster lawyers/agents looking to maximize their profits off the backs of college athletes turning pro(NBA and worldwide) while not necessarily having the best interest of the players careers and families in the forefront, just looking to cash in on those signing bonuses/initial contacts.

    Versus quality agents who have a history of actually consulting players to maximize their careers/brands by doing what’s best for the players/family knowing they all win with a long-term strategy.

    Players look to coaches for advice and guidance.

    What if Barker knows this agent from years of experience in wading through guys he wouldn’t want his players associated with to find the “good ones,” knows he’ll do what’s best for Fish. What if everybody wins in that situation? Isn’t that worth Barker being compensated for his efforts as well?

    Not saying this is how this situation with Barker played out. I’m just saying, on a scale of things that get my goat, this is pretty darning low on that list. Rules are rules I guess so he has to go, but this doesn’t even touch recruiting vioalations by pushing a player to a particular school for whatever monetary reason.
  10. I agree that this is way less egregious than recruiting violations and other shenanigans in college sports. I also agree this could be a totally innocuous situation and completely well-intentioned, but I just have a problem with a university employee making money off of a kid. If athletes were paid it might change the ethics as I see them, but in a supposedly amateur environment I think this shouldn't be allowed.
  11. If true, wonder if that had something to do with Jaylen leaving the team.
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  12. Probably has something to do with it. His guy got in trouble for helping him out and he quit for no reason. The crazy thing is Fisher was never going to be an NBA pro IMO, probably a decent Euro career though. $6k seems like a poor return.
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  13. I do see your point and agree. I guess the only counter-point would be that major college sports are far from ameteur any more. As much as we’d like to think they are, there’s a ton of money being shuffled under the table. So much so, the FBI feels the need to get involved. And I’d imagine that’s only due to unclaimed income more or less.
  14. I don't dispute any of that. That's why I said "supposedly amateur environment" in my post. In other words, I will readily admit that I have a feeling Barker taking $6K from a prospective agent of one of his players is likely in the bottom 0.5% of dirty money changing hands in college basketball. If Barker should be punished for it then all of the others should too. If the NCAA decides to alter some rules so that these transactions can happen above the table then I'd think Barker should be fine.

    I do find it sad that he's getting hemmed up for $6K b/c you know it's a pittance compared to what other assistants around the country are bringing in from shady sources on the regular.
  15. for UTEP, a program in the backwater since 1964.

    Or maybe Jaylen just likes hot, dry weather.
  16. Yah $6k seems like a small sum to risk it all for. Makes you wonder if that’s all?!?
  17. Again, FWIW, Mac says no.
  18. ?
  19. I think he is confusing Kaden with Jaylen.
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  20. Archie is the one transferred to UTEP. As yet Jaylen hasn't transferred. He's still stuck in the portal finishing his spring semester at TCU. Last I heard it sounded like if he transferred it would be to a much smaller program. He may never play college ball again and try to go pro in Europe.

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