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Cool Uniform Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Smellslikeroses, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. CSU Released these new uniforms today:
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  2. Their best uniform.
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  3. OK, so they've wrapped themselves in the state of Colorado Flag and emulated Maryland... the worst uniform in sports.
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  4. I'm confused. Were those KU jerseys with a CSU logo?
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  5. Those should be their regular uniform. Pretty kick ass.
  6. .....except its not their school colors.
  7. I'm ready for us to get a new set from Nike. I'm frog skinned out.
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  8. If their colors were red, blue, and yellow those would be awesome. Those are some of the best Under Armour has made though
  9. Lol. Good point. But they should be.
  10. I feel obligated to point out that black isn't one of ours either, yet.......

  11. PUKE
    Reminds me of the Jayhawks.
  12. just read you bro. I already said this same thought.
  13. Kind of like black at TCU.
  14. I thought they were great, cool idea.
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  15. Thank goodness there isn't another major college in that state named Colorado, could be confusing.
  16. Don't I remember TCU wearing black and tan or was that just what I was drinking?
  17. I like them
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  18. I would like to see a mockup of a TCU uniform with a State of Texas theme. And I'm an old.
  19. Not sure of how you interpreted this, but I wasn't saying I liked black as an interloping color. I was saying it was not similar to black not being an official color of TCU.

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