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Concerned about this year's weather

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Temps in the 90's for the next week, where normal is in the mid-80's. Hopefully this is not like 2000, where it was hot until early October, then cold and damp for the rest of the season. Got my fingers crossed.
  2. I wonder.
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  3. It's the gravity of the moon. Pulls everything to the left...
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  4. The world is on fire but no bother, please return to your regularly scheduled activities.
  5. Hottest sept in record here has been 83.7 ave temp (1951?). Right now so far, 85.1. And since temps forecast mid 90s for next week it will almost certainly shatter hottest Sept record

    Not only that, our rainfall in July .78", August 2.4", September -- NONE (and none forecast by end of month). Last year rainfall DFW was 56"; right now, 27"
  6. A ton of whining in this thread about weather. Weather has never stopped me and my group from attending games and it hasn't stopped this team from practicing. If anything, we should have an advantage playing at home in these shart conditions.

    I anticipate a light attendance for the KU game. A ton of panty-waists on this board, combined with a bunch of "OMG, my kid has to play in an inconsequential 'soccer game' " excuse bunch, or "My kid is getting too hot, even though I've fed them Dippin' Dots, Strawberry skewers, and whatever else they've ever dreamed of" parents.

    Jeez, and I thought my kids were bad by preferring to stay home and play video games and having cybersex on the computer...
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  7. if only the weather was in the top 100 of our programs' problems that would be great.
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  8. Sounds like you might need need
  9. With that in mind, the weather is great.
  10. Hardly whining, Steel at least. Steel likes the hot weather as it's great for working out. Fewer injuries, better workouts, quicker sweat, etc.

    But, it would be nice to have a little precip. Steel hasn't mowed his lawn since mid June.
  11. The darn? They are literally forecasting thunderstorms about 3 hours from now.
  12. Well, there are spotty storms around; one right over D; but none at DFW. Sure hope to get some Steel's way
  13. Either you live in a shart area, or you're lazy, or you don't water your lawn. We've been in heavy lawn mowing mode for months in FAR NORTH FW (Keller area).
  14. Good Lord; Steel does NOT water his lawn. One of the dumber wastes of money. For what purpose, to impress the neighbors?

    The biggest waste of time/money is weddings. But you all knew that...
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  15. Fixed by Al Czervik.
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  16. Just a quick check of the DFW NWS record record highs for each day in November showed at least 90 degrees except twice it missed by one:

    11-1-1979 102
    11-2-1951 99
    11-3-1951 106
    11-4-1983 96
    11-5-1937 97
    11-6-1956 96
    11-7-2014 98
    11-8-1979 96
    11-9-2017 96
    11-10-1975 95
    11-11-1979 99
    11-12-1910 97
    11-13-1910 99
    11-14-2015 95
    11-15-2005 93
    11-16-1972 93
    11-17-1972 95
    11-18-2005 93
    11-19-1921 94
    11-20-1934 95
    11-21-1934 94
    11-22-1939 94
    11-23-1939 91
    11-24-2003 90
    11-25-1992 89
    11-26-1950 92
    11-27-1938 90
    11-28-1938 90
    11-29-1937 92
    11-30-1993 90
    11-31-1977 89

    And notice how many fall outside of the Al Gore era of doom...
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  17. And your neighbors are happy about that. They are not fans of witnessing you mow your yard.

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