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Colorado Calls Big 12 a JUCO Conference


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Locker room material for September 2nd:

And those 2200 cst kickoffs in P12. I’ve watched NDSU play more times in the last 10 years vs Ceeyew.


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Locker room material for September 2nd:

I counted 22 Texans on their roster. Colorado has always recruited Texas for football
by the way they had 30 players from Colorado on their roster


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CU is one of the AAU schools we are looking at, which also includes Utah/Stanford/Cal/UA/UO/UW... whether they are looking at the Big12 or not.

However, would prefer ASU over UA, as the Sun Devils own over 3 times the media market. Contracts look at viewership, rather than akadimeks.
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I am sure this is the administrator thoughts. He or she is tied heavily tied to California education institutions. They are not football people. It is something that may kill their football program. I do not think they would care that much.
Football is an afterthought at the school. That's not necessarily a bad thing, unless someone is a Buffs fan. The fact that they have let the program spiral into disarray for the past +20 years probably means they have graduated thousands of kids who just don't give a [ Finebaum ]