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College World Series Finals

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by swimmerbabe11, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Who are you rooting for?

    Gotta be Florida. It's not a close decision for me.
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  2. I still have too much of the baseball sads to even think about this!
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  3. Rooting for sufficient rain delays to allow Faedo to pitch in G1 and G2
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  4. If I watch any of it, will definitely be on mute to avoid the SEC-sucking commentary
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  5. No way in hell I would pull for LSU with whatever that thing is they play at shortstop on the team.
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  6. Won't watch. Too sports sad.
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  7. Dreading the ESECPN love fest. Won't watch but hope Florida takes it.
    And anybody with a Mulkey offspring sux.
  8. I literally couldn't care less. Darn ESPN. Darn SEC ....sorry redundant.
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  9. I just want mini Mulkey to get knocked in the face.
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  10. Not watching but I agree!!
  11. Don't really care once the frogs are out of it, but I think Florida's gonna get smoked without Faedo pitching.
  12. I watch every game on ESPN on mute. But, if it is not TCU I don't mute what I don't watch.
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  13. I think LSU runs over Florida. FL had to exhaust Faedo to beat us and it will end up costing them. I hate both and can't watch, but that's my bet.
  14. They really need to start this thing on Wednesday so that every team gets a chance to throw their best pitcher.
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  15. Will not watch. Lsu doesn't respect the game or their opponents from my observations, and Florida...don't really care.
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  16. My niece is at Florida now, so it has to be the Gators.
  17. Won't watch. I am rooting for the ESEC TV ratings to be in the cellar.
  18. I refuse to give them the +1 rating boost
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  19. The championship game was played 2 nights ago.

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