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College Football Playoffs!!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Somewhat surprised no enthusiasm for The College Football selection show this year. Top 4, #1 and #4-Oklahoma. #2 Ohio State and #3 Clemson.
    Just FYI.
  2. It was easy to predict the final 4 this year. No suspense or mystery there, hence no real need to watch it....

    btw - did baylor get the sugar bowl?
  3. Yes, Baylor is headed to the Sugar bowl.
  4. vs. Georgia. Another L for the '19 Bears!
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  5. The way their luck has been...I doubt it.
  6. If there was any suspense, it was LSU convincing the committee they earned the #1 seed. Getting to face OU instead of Clemson in the semis. Huge.
  7. Something tells me their luck runs out vs. SEC and they get trounced. Georgia probably puts in their 2nd string at some point.
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  8. Outside of LSU this year, it’s just become the usual suspects playoffs. Meh.
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  9. Clemson will finally play someone good this season. Tough draw for them.....
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  10. Baylor gets the Sugar Bowl because the Sugar Bowl gets the champion of the Big 12 unless they make the CFP and in that case they get the runner up. If the Sugar Bowl is hosting the CFP, then the Big 12 loses that spot. That's why we ended up in San Antonio in 2017 instead of New Orleans.

    Until the CFP expands, expect more of the same. 8 teams would provide a lot more fun, drama, and upsets.
  11. If I’m OU I would never leave this conference
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  12. I wonder if they realize there probably isn't a chance in hell they make the playoffs this year if they were in any other conference, save for possibly the P12.
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  13. Correct, as long as you can convert a 3rd and 1 by losing a yard and go on to win the game instead of punting the ball away, I wouldn't go anywhere either.
  14. Baylor is a better team than anyone around here cares to admit. That defense is salty and will keep them in that Sugar Bowl
  15. on paper uga wins that game, but that was the case last year.

    one would think that kirby won't let his team fall into the same trap as last year, but who knows.

    uga's offense is very basic, they lost their top two receivers, they lost their offensive line coach, and i wouldn't be shocked to see if the back sits out for the draft

    but, they have talent everywhere, that defense will be a sob for baylor and their lack of a run game, and i think how texas beat uga last year won't do baylor any favors.
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  16. And the fact that Jake Fromm appears to have and his talent stolen SpaceJam style.
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  17. Collectively the field has offered no resistance at all since 2015. This is what makes TCU's situation so frustrating. Look where we appeared to be after a whole crop of freshman receivers went off on Oregon in the second half of the 2015 Alamo Bowl, then think about how poor the Big XII has turned out to be in four seasons since, then reflect on our having gone about .500 in league play since that date without winning a championship. What a missed opportunity.

    Yes, Oklahoma rides its whipping-boy conference into the playoff and its only even difficult when the Sooners themselves make it so.
  18. Interesting to see what Riley comes up with. I have been underwhelmed with OU's offense this year. The defense is much better...mediocre, but still better than that trash the last few years. Give them the 2017 offense and I like their chances at the NC. This year...well, we will see how much of an "offensive genius" Riley is. They will have to score and score and score to beat LSU, and I just don't see them doing it.

    I actually feel the same about tOSU that others feel about Clemson. I really have no idea how good those two are, although Clemson really looked great against Virginia.

    I do know that every time I have seen tOSU and OU play I had a real disconnect between what I saw and the raves by the announcers about tOSU and Hurts. Maybe I just caught them at bad times?
  19. All we do is talk about how lucky they are and say "if they played x team, they'd get destroyed". Kinda sad really.
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  20. Um, the B12 has been one of the top conferences in bowl games. I guess just lucky?

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