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College Football News...for those who think ESPN is tough on TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. BTW, this is CFN being nice to TCU and the B12.​
  2. If the number of recruiting stars is all you have knowledge of; then the article is probably correct.
    The only thing CFN knows is how many recruiting stars a player has. CFN no bueno.
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  3. Well..As much as we don’t like to hear it, they aren’t wrong. We need to get in on some top talent and the narrative that we typically out punch our recruiting weight, while true, is getting a bit tired. Having said that, this is a very solid Frog class and we will continue to be a contender more years then not. What they don’t like to admit is we would also be a contender in the SEC and the B10 with these same classes..That bothers them the most because it’s counters their “so called” expertise.
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  4. scheisss given = zero.
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  5. When have we ever "out recruited" Texas according to the services? Yet we have beaten them 5 out of 7 times since joining the Big 12.
  6. And yet a lower rated class hung an arse whoopin on Ole Miss that beat Alabama...
  7. We would be just as competitive in the big 10 as we are be in the Big 12. SEC would be a little tougher for a couple of teams and we would beat them some years. It’s not high school anymore it’s how you develop talent into NFL caliber players.

    I haven’t seen a ranking of the classes but I guarantee if you take our class and switch it with a top 10 team the schools would stay close to the same based on name
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    Froggish, even in JC’s article he mentions where TCU took a pass on a couple of 4 stars because they didn’t show well in a TCU camp. Translation: Kids looked great against inferior talent, but once at a camp against better competition, they were lacking. Hence, those recruits were not 4 star talent but rather a ranking by site writer that has never coached or played FB beyond the playground. ( not talking about JC). The fan site recruiting services rely too much on the eyeball test.

    Two 4 star DE’s, a position of need, TCU took a pass on MPagi and Parker. Just saying.

    How come the Big 12 has fared well the last two seasons against the SEC if the so called mid to bottom dwellers of the SEC have better recruiting classes than most of the Big 12? The article about the Big 10 classes, really? Outside of Ohio ST and Michigan, that conference is not setting the world on fire on FB talent as the CFB article would suggest.
  9. Yeah, our lowly-ranked recruiting classes mean we could never hope to beat a secsecsec squad full of perennial top-five talent. Maybe we should give up football.


  10. I’m not suggesting that any recruiting service can evaluate talent better then GP. Certainly there are plenty of examples of us passing on a 4* because he either doesn’t fit our needs or we don’t believe in his abilities. However it’s foolish to believe that if you through all the players from TX and OU classes in a draft pool with our kids, GP wouldn’t choose a considerable amount of their kids for TCU.

    To answer your question above, we punch above our weight because of both how we evaluate AND how develop talent. That is why we have fared well against other conferences. I also don’t think there is that much of a difference between a # 20 class and our #33. GP is great at growing kids but don’t think he gets exactly who he wants every cycle. We aren’t consistently playing in the same pool with about 25 other schools. We get Who we get and make the most of it. I’m good with that. It would be nice for us to move over to the big pool and I do think we have be in on higher grade of talent to get that title.

    I’m not complaining but it’s important to remember that a recruiting service is really only able to evaluate physical skill sets. Size, Speed, and Strength. The game is also mental and emotional
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  11. Yah I know....2014 was a special year and we have a few of them over the years...Recruiting at high level combined with great coaching = consistency. Remind the last time OU, Bama, Clem, and OSU had a 7 win season...I’m simply making the point that if our talent we got from year to year matched that of those previous schools meantioned we’d have a few National Championships around here..GP is that good.
  12. One of the most satisfying games I've ever been to! An absolute woodshedding!
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  13. Agree with this. We are on the same page here.
  14. Not enough likes available for that.
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  15. The idea that somebody can distill the qualities, tangible and intangible, of hundreds of football players spread all across the country down to some arbitrary number and then judge how good a group of them is based on the sum of their numbers, is just ridiculous. And, of course, regional bias plays a role in assigning numbers. I have no doubt some Texas, Cali and Florida players get discounted a bit so the recruiting sites can spread the love around to other markets.
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  16. This is a fair commentary. Perhaps a poll is needed.

    Is OU out coaching and scheming us? Or is the talent gap that much wider?

  17. It’s an interesting question for sure. A few years ago, it was clearly just talent but I’d say Lincoln has done a good job of breaking our defenseo down in the last few years. They have destroyed us upfront (OL vs our DL) the last 2 years. Bedenbaugh has that OU OL on another level.
  18. Yes
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  19. Double yes.
  20. I would go ever farther and say once you get past a top 10 classes then its what you make if it. Do you get high level kids that fit your needs. On an individual basis, there is probably a metric to show that its a wash for kids ranked outside the top 250 or something. For example, out of the 6 TCU offensive tackles currently in the league, Vaitai was the only 4 star and he was ranked outside the top 250.

    Of course there is a correlation of Bama and Clemson's classes to their national championship runs. A&M has been recruiting at an insane level and hasn't had a top 10 finish since 2012. While it can be applied in certain places, top 10 recruiting classes aren't synonymous with success. As long as TCU continues to have a top 30 recruiting class every year then we will always have the opportunity for a championship season because of how we develop. My opinion.

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