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Coaching Carousel 2019/20

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Good timing with Bud Clark taking a visit there without a head coach
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  2. Charlie Strong out at USF.
  3. Frank Wilson out as HC at UTSA....I would Love to have that guy in staff..5 years as RB coach at LSU and the national recruiter of the year on multiple occasions.

    Rich Rod getting the boot from Ole Piss with Luke. He could really help Sonny
  4. Boston College fires Addazio.
  5. TCU Board of Trustees fire lower west side beer vendor.
  6. I agree with you about Rich Rod. He could work wonders with our offense.
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  7. scheiss the lower west side beer vendor.
  8. And we sit. Waiting for GP to make a move, any move.

    Meanwhile the rest of the power 5 college world understand you move intelligently and quickly to maximize success.

    But keep sitting on your arse until successful coaches are done with bowl games. They usually all sit around waiting on your call.
  9. You don’t know if things are happening or not.
  10. It is looking like GP may stay pat. With no bowl game, why would we he not make a move now?

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  11. GP May be meeting with players first like Reagor, Blacklock, etc before going to coaching. Easier to know what to sell future coaches if he has answers on key personnel
  12. Sources close to the program reporting that USC either has or has not possibly kept or fired Clay Helton.
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  13. I’m just gonna assume he knows what he’s doing.
  14. To be fair, all these teams making moves right now pretty much haven’t done jack [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] in quite awhile. Give our guy a little time, I don’t want knee jerk reactions to appease the masses. It’s not like he has to clean house by Tuesday. Not sure Ole Miss, Boston College, Rutgers and UTSA are programs we want to model ourselves after.
  15. Texas’ Herman shakes up his staff per ESPN. DC out, OC reassigned to admin role...
  16. Get the scheiss out of here with your rational thought.
  17. Doesn't GP always like to have his Monday season-review meeting with the AD before initiating/announcing any changes? I don't think a few days makes any difference at this point. It might have two months ago, but not now.
  18. Yes it is maddening and actually to a fault, but he's the elephant in the room.

    At the end of the day, not any significant changes. Maybe we can do a little better next year and finish 7th. but that would be tops. TT and WV could easily finish ahead of us. It's becoming more and more obvious that the Boykin/Doctson years were outliers. We have a good chance of beating Kansas and Prairie view but that's it. SMU, no, WV in Morgantown no, Baylor in Wako no.

    GP seems to be ok going forward with minor tweaks. You have to believe that he's comfortable going to Toilet Bowls now, if and when we qualify. All that NC talk was a propaganda move to get the Stadium built, kinda obvious now.
  19. I think that offense is a bit outdated to be honest. Everyone trying to run it can’t make it work anymore. Syracuse, Tulsa, Florida State....

    Gotta keep changing bit by bit or you get figured out and passed up.

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