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Coaches Film Room - National Championship game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    far, far better than the crap of bringing in the mnf crew.

    only wish was instead of gundy they had dana, but gundy has enough personality to stand up to gary.

    don't know much about hafley or mason.
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  2. That holgo Gary show from a couple of seasons ago was football gold.

    really cool to see which coaches intuitively see play development and which ones react. I really liked the first one where Mack Brown was there. He’s another one that just understood the plan development real time.
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  3. If Mack Brown shows up, keep the remote away from him. That was the only thing bogging down the show.
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  4. Now I will watch that game.

    Through the Coaches Film Room
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  5. Whatever year it was that GMFP was in the room and Major Applewhite was there behind him, Applewhite sat there and didn't say a word, while his hand twitched as if he was wanting to take notes...
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  6. GP has been great although sticking him with that blowhard Herm Edwards last year sucked. Hopefully, he puts it on his DVR and sits down with Cumbie afterward to show him some concepts from the LSU offense.
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  7. I thought the game had passed him by. I cannot imagine what he'll have to offer.
  8. Not to see two awesome football teams in what should be a close game? Okay
  9. Hopefully one CFP Final Monday soon LHCGMFP will be unavailable for the Coaches' Film Room because he's coaching in the game.

    Need Leach in there with Gary. That would be gold, but the Mullet will be entertaining as well. I get the feeling that Gary and Gundy like and respect each other.
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  10. Can you imagine the tangents and incomplete sentences/thoughts that would be flying around that room? HCGMFP wouldn't be able to complete his sentences fast enough before Leach would move on from someone's fat girlfriend to which mascot would win in a no-holds barred MMA fight.
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  11. I think this one will go similarly to the one with Holgo. They know each other well, respect each other, and will converse similarly with one another. I'm excited about this one.
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  12. Gundy acting as pseudo host. Coach P already making some great points.
  13. My god that thing with Trump was awkward.
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  14. Yeah the production was really bad. Why would whoever put this together have him just wander around for like 2 solid minutes
  15. I wish they would all quit referring to each other as coach
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  16. Is BC Coach former Ohio State assistant?
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  17. Yes
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  18. Why did they ask GP about ST and trick plays?

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