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Coach Schloss Radio Show 7pm @ Railhead Tuesday, May 28

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, May 28, 2019.

  1. I’m getting there early to save some tables. Please come tonight and show your support!!!

    Coach Schloss and John Denton Radio Show

    Get there early!

    Go Frogs!!!
  2. What time is early?
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  3. Happy Hour.
  4. Now?
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  5. what station?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Thanks
  8. Can somebody summarize what Schloss said on the show?
  9. Notably he said members of the committee watch the TCU tournament games and that Janzek was a difference maker. Said, the committee asked them selves “of the bubble teams, who would they not want to play? And the answer was TCU because of their starting pitching. “
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  10. While I'm more than happy TCU made the field of 64, I still don't think they should be there based upon their overall "body of work"! Janzek had a great performance. He was the old Janzek we all know and love. However, he's shown that to be the exception and not the rule this year. Really excited he gets another chance to prove me wrong and hope he has another performance like his last!
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  11. I personally think, for what that's worth, that this team earned its way into the tourney. Just like the MBB team earned its way in, but wasn't included.

    I hope this team goes far, but I'm not holding my breath. I think that JJ's performance in the B12 tourney would've been an awesome way to go out. I sincerely hope that he can continue on to the higher levels with Greg Maddux type stuff (I know someone mentioned that in a previous thread, but I told my wife before that comment that he looked like Maddux back when we were broke and watched a ton of Braves games).

    I still love my Frogs!
  12. Coach seemed optimistic and excited. Kept saying how important starting pitching is in the regionals. There's some bulletin board material being posted about Arkansas being in easiest bracket, TCU not deserving etc. Also sending snapchats and instagrams of those comments to the team. Players seemed ready for the challenge as well.

    I don't know why more fans don't attend the radio shows. I know it can be hard to hear but the coaches appreciate the crowd support. Also $2 beers, $3.75 glass of wine, and you get to hang out with great fans and the purple hair ladies ....
  13. To be clear he didn’t say Janzek was the absolute deciding factor. He said committee members told him that they watched TCU’s tournament games and they chose TCU as the bubble team they would not want to face right now and that’s the sort of team that deserves to be playing in June.
  14. Interesting take from the committee because they could have said even more so about last year's team that actually advanced to the finals of the tourney and were a sun-field fly ball away from qualifying automatically. Plus that team had one more win and a slightly better RPI (and better pitching and better defense). Sounds like they felt they should have selected the Frogs last year as well.
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