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CNHI: NCAA adopts reformed redshirt rule

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. CNHI: NCAA adopts reformed redshirt rule

    • By Sean Isabella | CNHI Sports
    An inundation of phone calls and text messages swarmed Todd Berry’s phone shortly after lunchtime Wednesday.

    Jubilation occurred from his coaching counterparts. For Berry, the executive director for the American Football Coaches Association, 17 years' worth of emotions were built up.

    For nearly two decades, Berry had pushed for redshirt reform. On Wednesday morning, the NCAA Division I Council passed Proposal 2017-17, which amends bylaw 12.8 that will allow players to participate in up to four games without burning their redshirt year. Final approval will come from the NCAA Board of Governors.

    “It's been what I thought it would be,” Berry told CNHI by phone from Waco, Texas. “Text messages and phone calls basically saying, 'It's a long time coming and excited about this for this next year's class and those classes that follow.'”

    Read more at http://www.mineralwellsindex.com/te...cle_4697ffc2-e501-527f-955e-480c08500fea.html
  2. LOVE this and know GP does as well.
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  3. That the NCAA would do anything makes me think this benefits the SEC the most.
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  4. It’s a long over due rule change..
  5. Love this. Especially love it in the case of young QBs who need to fill in for the starter on a handful of plays after the starter gets shaken up or something.

    I always hated that a single play would count as an entire year of work.
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  6. Now we can unleash our redshirts for Ok State, B12 champ game, semfinal playoff game (Cotton/Orange Bowl), and national championship game in San Fran
  7. So all this means is that Baker is coming back for another year, right?
  8. Not sure, but may mean Roscoe Tatum has a year left.
  9. My first reaction was that this is great for Alabama given the depth they always have. Four games is half an SEC conference season. Saban can for example use a DL who is an excellent run stuffer against one set of teams, the better pass rusher against the other four. And neither burns a redshirt since he doesn't really need either for OOC games like the Citadel. You will see a real expansion of specialist platooning with the top programs.
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  10. Yes and he will hand off to Cory Rogers.
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  11. Wrong, rarely are true freshman ready to play. If anything, they will be used in games like the citadel to gain experience and allow starters to rest for conference games. It is a win-win for both starters and freshman alike. Also allows freshman to gain special teams experience. Imagine if we had this rule in 2016 - Kenny and Ranthony might not have torn their ACL's against an FCS team.
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  12. And don’t forget Eric Crouch too.

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