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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, May 23, 2020.

  1. Friday Night Lights (TV) on Starz right now. First Season.

    Makes me miss Friday nights in the fall.

    Let's beat this Covid thing.
  2. for me the tv series started better than the movie because they went their own way from the book

    the movie butchered a very good book with some complete [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]
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  3. The show was great. Coach Taylor. Coach Taylor's hot wife. Buddy Garrity. Lila Garrity...smokeshow. Brian "Smash" Williams. Jason Street. Riggins. Matt Saracen. Todd from Breaking Bad. Black Panther. Great cast.
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  4. black panther?

    pretty sure it was killmonger
  5. Eh...it's all the same. I've only seen it in passing and just assumed he was BP.
  6. careful or you will draw the ire of the comic book nerd crowd
  7. My neighbor here in Central Texas is in possession of the pickup truck used in the show. She used it as the Hearst in her husband's funeral attended by several of the staff who worked with him producing the show. It has been restored to show quality.
  8. Patty?
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  9. Bunch of Odessa hillbillies.
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  10. I guess hillbillies would be a better description than "lumberjacks" or "mariners" but just barely.
  11. Back to Lila Garrity. A lady who used to cut my hair was her stylist for a bit and said she was 100% the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen in person.
  12. Shark stem cells. Never forget.
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  13. Kyle Chandler, aka Coach Taylor, is a good friend of mine. I am not kidding.

    However, I rarely watched that show.

    But he and his wife Kathryn are incredibly nice and gracious people. To fully understand their commitment to their community, checkout patriotshall.org
  14. He didn't seem as nice in Bloodline.
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  15. Racist IMO.
  16. Coach Taylor is an all-time top 5 tv character for me. I'd give it a shot, if I were you.
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  17. OK. Eastsiders, then.
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  18. Yep. That's how Odessa is described by the good folk from Monahans.
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  19. tell him i enjoyed his work on catch 22

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