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Chris Petersen out at Washington

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by froginmn, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Pros? USC? Actually taking time off for family or himself?
  2. Coming to be our new OC?
  3. I decided to leave that alone.

    Assume UT fans are saying that about the Horns.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Probably

    more likely if he comes to Texas it will be to be kellen Moore’s new boss since they have such a good history
  6. Wish him well. Hell of a coach.
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  7. Unless Peterson's home situation has changed, I am not sure he will be going down here. If memory serves a major reason he took the Washington job was because there was a special hospital and/or doctor there for his child. Perhaps that is also the reason for his resignation.
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  8. Said he was resigning to take time to recharge and spend with his family

    he seems pretty genuine - just historically that has meant I am going to take a little time off and then go somewhere else
  9. I think that situation has resolved or at least is under control. From his statement, sounds like he just wants a break.
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    They had Pac 12 champ and playoff aspirations. They went 7-5. He's taking an administrative role at UW (I guess until he lands a coaching gig.)
  11. WOW! Hire him.
  12. WE have good medical facilities as well.
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  13. Why don't we hire the guy replacing him?
  14. He would be a fabulous addition to the staff, in whatever capacity they could get him to perform.
  15. I will be shocked if he's coaching anywhere next season. My understanding is that he is a Pacific Northwest guy with no interest in moving elsewhere. He spent some time as an assistant early in his career in Pittsburgh but I think he was happy to move back west. I don't think there is any coaching job that he would rate as more desirable than Washington.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he takes some time off then gets back into coaching, in the same way I won't be surprised to see Bob Stoops coach again (whether or not it's the XFL for some college gig). When great coaches retire young, they tend to have a hard time fighting off the coaching bug. He just isn't coming here.
  16. I’m confident this is a personal/family issue and he won’t be coaching anywhere in the near future.
  17. Would not be surprised of CGP took some time off to “recharge”...
  18. You’re probably the only one.
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  19. Hopefully it is not related to player behavior.
  20. He's a PNW guy who moved there for family. He's taking a job in the athletic department next year to allow him some more time off and flexibility for personal reasons, very similar to what Sonny Dykes did.

    He's not coming here. Furthermore, most head coaches will not go back to being a coordinator unless they were fired with no hope of landing somewhere else ala Kiffin and Bama. Even then, he was just waiting for an offer to come.

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