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Character and the blame game

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Tim Griffin, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Young AD needs to handle up or the only sound from his precious new east side luxury suites will be crickets. This ain't intramurals brother it's the big 12.
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  2. The program obviously doesn’t run a deficit. My larger point in highlighting the budget is just to showcase that this program is failing, and has been on the bell curve downward in every metric besides graduation rate.

    My larger issue with the budget is not that it’s large. It’s clearly wonderful that we pack a big green punch. The issue is that a large amount of that capital is stale. The cash isn’t funding innovative coaches, ideas, or anything cutting edge. It’s extremely top heavy and wasteful. We are copying not leading, as simply evidenced by that stupid chain we started once it’s out of style. The single one innovation this program has made in the last half-decade on the capital front was the cryo-chamber. You can see how the athletic department paraded that thing around like it was the holy grail, having every visitor step inside. The squirrel showed everyone the one nut it found. My issue isn’t with the amount of capital but rather the inefficiency of the spend. Which mirrors much of the program, stale and inefficient.

    I’ve said it for multiple years now and it’s finally rearing its head: no sustainable level of greatness will ever be achieved with a win by one attitude.

    Go Frogs
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  3. Let's spend millions to add suites and raise ticket prices next year, but lets keep putting crap out on the football field. If the fans don't show up or leave early because the product on the field sucks the life out of everyone, then it's obviously the fans fault for the poor play on the field. This mentality is asinine. Either GP wakes up and adapts with the times and gets rid of assistant coaches that have been stale for several years now, or suffer the consequences.
  4. Well stated. I personally am glad, as we all are, that TCU is willing to invest in the program as we do. And they obviously see the ancillary value the university benefits from as a result.

    I think if all of the sudden we see a significant decrease in spend, we should all be concerned as the market is forcing these budgets on an upward trajectory that I don’t see leveling out any time soon.

    GP is stubborn, but he’s previously shown he’s willing to make changes. I’d expect significant changes after this season, if not sooner. At the very least, he’s going to have to make changes simply to show the small fan base changes are being made, or he risks losing them.
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  5. Tim is old school, nothing wrong with that but sometimes you just need to shake things. Point it in a different direction ......CAREFULLY!!

    It IS REALLY HARD FOR PATTERSON TO ACCEPT, (change) he wasn't raised that way and those learned tapes are strong.

    However, this time I see and hear a continuing tune from alumni, and fans. It's been building for two or three years.
  6. If Sam Houston hadn't beaten Santa Anna at San Jacinto would the Alamo defenders have left a hellava legacy?
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  7. Except babies. Never shake a baby.
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  8. Maybe not, but Texas would likely have better Mexican food restaurants. But they would likely just be called restaurantes.
  9. And there might not be chewing gum.

    And no Alamo Rental cars.
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  10. We all love what GP has done for this program & the University as a whole. That said we are on the brink of losing all the positive progress that has been made over the past 15 yrs or so! All too often Universities allow their “legendary” HC to hang around when it is rather obvious its time for a change. That change very well be a major shake up of Asst Coaches or the HC himself. When the trend line is poor and there is no change in sight the AD must step in and see that the necessary changes are made. TCU doesn’t need TENURED FOOTBALL COACHES!!
    With all the issues they had to deal with how the heck did Baylor’s football program even survive let alone surpass TCU’s. Comparing the current state of these two programs is absolute proof of failure at TCU!
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  11. i like dan as a person, but there should not be any tenured coaching positions.
  12. I love this forum for discussing TCU football. Yet given Patterson's unimaginable contribution (and I use " unimaginable" intentionally) to TCU football, I wholly disagree with the dismissive attitudes toward him on this board. Before he came it was unimaginable we would ever, ever think of a national championship. He made it seem possible. He makes it seem possible. I don't know nearly as much as many here about football strategy, but I do know this: Gary Patterson is a hell of a lot better football coach than anyone who posts here. Even though I agree with some of the criticisms here from time to time. I'm sticking with him until he decides to hang it up.
  13. I'm in the camp that has very little interest in GP leaving anytime soon. If he doesn't clean house this offseason, I may change my mind, but I'll give him the offseason. The Delton thing is one of the most frustrating things in recent years for me, it's insanity, but I think he can get this thing turned around and will adjust a chunk of the staff.
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  14. I got a feeling when Patterson leaves the football program pretty much all but dies!
  15. disagree, but too many live in fear or uncertainty.

    as pointed out baylor has regained their footing under rhule, but for some reason that can't happen in ft worth
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  16. my concern isn't simply that gary won't make the overall changes in staff.

    he showed in 2014 he wouldn't clear house and i don't see that happening this time.

    the additional concern is the failure in staff areas that aren't directly on the coaching staff that is hurting the frogs in other areas and i don't see him changing how the program does things
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