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NSD is cool, I guess.

You know what’s cooler? The portal.

The portal will make/break TCU football and CSD tenure, not NSD rankings or class strength/size. I feel quite confident in that prediction.
Recruiting classes will become more irrelevant every year. The transfer with 2-3 years eligibility remaining will be the most valuable player acquisitions going forward.


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Well, I heard that we are going to take 15 QBs so that must be a false statement. I thought it was going to be all QB/Rb/WR . Since we didn't play any D this year no need to take any D players
if this season was any indication (which it is not), we need 15 QBs, 15 RBs, and unlimited number of secondary players.

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To be clear, this is an area that is changing… Less “you have to earn playtime” and more “best players play/let the kids play” coming next season.
I’m fairly drunk But, (obviously). I could be misremembering some things. When Saban was on with the Manning’s for Monday night football. Saban said he had to change his mentality.

And it went from trying to implement his “defense” to letting guys play.

Now granted he has the best. But I thought it was interesting.

He evolved and said to himself, allow players to play essentially. Not sure our old coaches allowed that.


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Top 15 safety in America
Top 160 player in America
Top 30 player in Texas
Offers from Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Michigan, A&M, OU, UT….

Be ecstatic
Thanks Moose. I had no idea of his rankings, etc. and the significance. Add me to the category of busy parent of three kids with max 10 minutes each day of TCU message boards in 1-2 minute increments!