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Cancel Culture's Latest Victim: Western Virginia Defensive Coordinator

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by tcumaniac, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Out of all the ridiculous cancel culture assassinations that have been made, this seems like one of the most absurd of them all.

    To summarize, last month WVU Sophomore safety, Kerry "KJ" Martin Jr., tweeted out a list of "accusations" about the now former WVU Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning that led to him being fired for his "heinous" actions and "mislead" beliefs.

    Below is the infamous tweet from Kerry Martin himself, but here's a summarized list of the accusations:
    • Coach Vic talked about his faith and belief in the Bible in front of players that didn’t share those same beliefs, making a player question the things he believed
    • KJ’s former high school coach told him that he spoke with Coach Vic at a recruiting visit and based on that conversation the high coach thought that Coach Vic had a “Slave Master” mentality (the high school coach later denied ever saying this).
    • KJ made a mistake during practice and was asked if he was “retarded.”
    • One day after practice, Coach Vic told everyone to go inside to watch film “as if he thought the players were his property.”
    • Coach Vic made the unforgivable sin of voicing his support of Trump and that he thought building a wall was a good idea.
    • After KJ “converted religions” to Islam, Coach Vic had the audacity to talk to KJ about finding Christ. Wait. It gets worse. He even went as far as to share bible verses with KJ from his FCA bible.
    • Last but not least, Coach Vic one time said during a team meeting in reference to the ongoing riots, that if people didn’t want to get tear gassed, they shouldn’t be protesting.

    Here's the actual tweet:

    KJ's high school coach denies saying anything anything about Coach Vic having a "Slave Master" mentality, and even mentions how much Coach Vic has been bothering him to check in on KJ's well being during Covid.

    KJ replies by saying that yes, Coach Vic is a good man and has even driven all the way to Charleston to bring him food, BUT his "thoughts and beliefs are mislead"

    WVU then caves into the social media mob and decides to fire Coach Vic.

    I had coaches say meaner things to me when I played select soccer in 4th grade. Lord help us if this is the new norm.
  2. The inmates are running the asylum.
  3. Racist, IMO
  4. It is a sad world we are living in. I can only imagine how bad it will be if Trump does not win.
  5. This is the price of coexist/tolerance. Slave master mentality is language from Nation of Islam and the like. God bless all my Christian brothers and sisters.

    For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?

    -Romans 10:13-14
  6. I remember one time reading about a guy that got fired, and the comment was "He made a mistake on the wrong day." It doesn't justify it, but sometimes when you screw up is worse than what your actual screw up is.

    EDIT: Should also be noted, while those were the initial allegations that started the investigation, apparently there is more (a lot more, by some accounts) from other parties that led to his separation from the team.
  7. Do tell. Was he caught wearing a Pitt cap out in public?
  8. I heard it was a navy and gold tie.

    But no, there was a lot of stuff from former players that pretty much all said "yeah, that's about right". Here's one from Travis Hughes, who played for Koenning at UNC:
    Of course, as we saw with the Listenbee stuff, every school has their share of players that have some sour grapes about how their lives turned out, so grain of salt and all that. But there has been at least some other smoke around the guy beyond what was in the OP. I don't think think any of the above is usually an offense that would get you fired (save maybe for the Hispanics stuff, or maybe the religious proselytism but that seems a stretch), though in today's environment as I said it very well could have been "wrong mistake at the wrong time" too, who knows. WVU could release the findings from the investigation to clear it up, I suppose.
  9. If there is more behind the scenes than it almost has to come out. The above stuff being reported is far from fireabl. Is it a bad look for Vic K? Absolutely but it isn’t fire worthy.

    it should be noted that Vic and GP played at KSt together and no each other well. If there isn’t anything else to this, I could see him as a TCU analyst
  10. Ultimately when you're a football coach then you can be fired for pretty much any reason at all. It comes with the job. I imagine he will be paid very well for his departure.
  11. GMFP alluded to such things not too long ago when he was speaking about the Portal: "It's like babysitting your boss' kids."
  12. I'm going to enjoy when the inevitable happens and the cancel culture starts coming for the cancellers.
  13. already happened to nick cannon and the eagles receiver

    just a matter of time before that spotlight expands
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  14. Imagine how much worse it is going to get if he does win.
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  15. He didn't get fired. After a month-long investigation, he and the head coach agreed that he should leave. That means he lost the locker room, or, at a minimum, it would have been too much of an effort trying to maintian it while prepping for a new season. So he got 600k and walked away.
  16. Soon they are sure to want to change Indian-apolis , Indiana.
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  17. Home of the once-famous Late Night host David Letterperson.
  18. Politics and religion. Two things I never discuss at the office.
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    Already starting to happen. Not too much but it is happening.

    When a mentality is so absolute in a belief with no desire for dialogue or debate, it is only matter of time before those start eating their own.

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