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Cal's attendance woes

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by DelFrog, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Most folks here, were not
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  2. Antifa could do the half time show.
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  3. Even liberals have to be embarrassed by what Cal Berkley liberals do.

    As I pointed out they literally riot and bring out Antifa each time someone even remotely to the right is scheduled to speak on campus and then the speaker isn't allowed to speak because of safety concerns.

    Then probably get on twitter later on and whine about today's climate in terms of political rhetoric and civility.
  4. Those aren’t even close to the same things FWIW. Like not even in the same universe. And losing respect for what? TELLING THE TRUTH??? Are there a lot of illegals in Califonia? Yep. Are there sanctuary cities in California? Yep. Is the Bay Area part of that? Yep. Is it full of Liberals? Yep. Do they protest Conservative/Republican speakers? Yep. Would it be a bad idea to walk that campus with a “Republican” sign? Yep. Does Antifa thrive in that part of the country? Yep. Do you need me to go on? If I’m being honest I’d prefer that anyone who thinks any of that is false not respect me. You’d have to be delusional to think otherwise.
  5. The truth is no defense when it comes to the PC crowd and their Thought Police.
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  6. Cal Berkley has always been known as a sanctuary for the Socialist-Left. Where the ideology of Lenin's manifesto

    has been indelibly implanted.
  7. Just read through the Cal Message board about the TCU matchup to see the outrageous anti Christian, anti Texan, anti Republican rhetoric... Nope, only our side are being a-holes.
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  8. And here we go.
  9. General forum...
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    If stating FACTS makes me an a-hole then I’m 110% OK with that. Also worth noting not one person has brought up religion (as you did) or a typed anything “anti Democrat”..... just pointed out facts..... that region of the country is known to provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, is politically liberal, doesn’t love republicans, and is home to members of Antifa who like to protest conservative speech/opinions. Still waiting for the first person who disagrees with anything that’s been written in this thread to refute even one of the statements. I DO see some name calling and one whack job who thinks pointing out facts is the same as laughing at the Kent St shootings so I’m pretty comfortable with my participation at this point.
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  11. Ironically, one of our local boys and a WWII super hero, Chester Nimitz, was a regent there during 1948–1956. He had formerly been a faculty member as a professor of naval science for the NROTC program. Nimitz was honored in1964 by the University of California on Nimitz Day. Wonder if they would honor his memory today?
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  12. If you just accept a harmless joke on a meaningless internet message board as nothing more than that then it's no big deal.

    But of course if you view every word uttered in any and every forum as a personal attack on yourself or someone else then, and only then, is it a bigger deal.

    And FWIW, I'd make the same comment if it was a joke made at the expense of a conservative ideology. I don't really care about the politics of it, I'm just in favor of people being able to freely make harmless jokes.
  13. Extreme views in either direction are frequently hateful. Dangerous, too, as previously pointed out.

    Humans - Gods greatest and worst creation. At the same time - amazing, ain't it.

    Now, let's beat the hell out of Cal Berkeley!
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  14. Your OK with being an A-Hole. I'm OK with you being an A-Hole too. (Just set you on ignore).
  15. Inability to listen to differing points of view..... yeah, not helping your cause.
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  16. I guess I’m not gonna be hosting the Oscars anytime soon.
  17. Liberal Cal alum here. I'm not sure why nonviolently protesting conservative/republican speakers (or vice versa) would be considered a bad thing. Speech vs. speech - the epitome of the 1st amendment. Also, I can assure you that you can walk around the Cal campus with a "Republican" sign and be fine. Young Republicans is the largest club on campus (minorities tend to stick together).

    In regards to antifa, I'd be surprised if there are more than 200 active antifa members in the Bay Area population of 7 million people - not sure if that is considered thriving. Antifa's biggest ally is Fox News who makes them out to be so much more than they are. Antifa does like to go to Berkeley and engage with right wing provacateurs in a spectacle that benefits both fringe groups to the detriment of Cal and its principles of free speech. I think you could count the number of Cal students who are also antifa on one hand. I also think Cal's attempts to squash these episodes are on point. The Cal community should not open itself to violence by outside agitators with a national agenda, in my opinion. But Cal alum have varying opinions on that.

    Otherwise, yes, decreasing football attendance is a problem for Cal football.

    That's my piece. I'm not going to respond in this thread again unless I'm directly asked to, as I'm just a visitor. Looking forward to the Cheez It Bowl.
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  18. I lived in Berkey for two years, the game was never a big deal save for when Stanford came into town.
  19. I lived in Berkey for two years, the game was never a big deal save for when Stanford came into town. - Jugs

    On purpose?
  20. Sure seemed like their crowds were fine when Tedford was winning there.

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