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Cal's attendance woes

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by DelFrog, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. They should make the stadium a sanctuary and give free admission to illegals. Place would be full.
  2. I’ll be there in 2020 God willing
  3. Wow.
  4. Cal stadium is pretty cool but its built on a fault line. Lets face it - I don't think the students could care less about football - like many in the Pac 12. On the positive side, they probably have the richest alumni base in the country.
  5. I know! It’s a great idea isn’t it!?!?!
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  6. so you are telling us not to pay above face on the re-sale market in a couple of years?
  7. They don’t need the stadium when they have an entire state...
  8. SRO when they announce an ANTIFA rally...
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  9. It’s so hard for me not to make political comments when facing Cal. Those people are clinically insane out there.
  10. If they let students and other attendees bring their own pot into the Stadium it may not help attendance, but the concession sales would soar.
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  11. Wow? I think it was a funny political joke. The oversensitiveness of this nation is annoying and puzzling.
  12. and dangerous
  13. And we, of course, are not. Of course.
  14. I dare you to walk around Berkley with a sign that says you’re a republican and let me know how that goes for you
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  15. A bunch of soy drinking latte sipping left wing NPC nut jobs who riot every time someone to the right of Mao is scheduled to speak on campus dont really care about football. they probably think football contributes to the patriarchy and toxic masculinity
  16. It was low hanging fruit. You had to go for it.
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  17. All y’all sound crazy.
  18. Losing respect for several regular posters here. Reminds me of the asshats that celebrated students being killed at Kent State in Spring ‘70.
  19. I wasn’t born yet.
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