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Bye Donati


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Actually, it's worked out well for Jerry. He is much more wealthy now than he was before and the Dallas Cowboy's franchise is worth much more now than it has ever been. It's not all about winning football games. It's about how you define winning.
It's worked out for virtually every owner of a sports franchise over the past 20 years. TV revenue has flooded the sport and in turn, ballooned the value of these businesses. So yes, perhaps he is worth a ton now, but ever since he has been steering the ship the Cowboys haven't sniffed a super bowl.

Moose Stuff

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I think many, including myself, were ready for Schloss to leave so that Kirk could take over. This was addition by subtraction, IMO.

I don’t have a strong opinion on Donati like so many seem to have. I’ve been fairly impressed from what I’ve seen out of him though.
Had Schloss wanted to be here I would have 100% wanted him to stay. But given the circumstances…. what happened NEEDED to happen.