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Butthurt letter to the editor in the Star-Telegram from a Red Raider

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Of course there are more Tech alumni when a ham sandwich could get admitted there.


    You Star-Telegram editors just don’t get it.

    You ran a front-page article in the sports section about TCU winning a stay-alive baseball game (June 3, 1B, “Henry, Guenther and Wolfe slug TCU into regional final”), but nothing about Texas Tech winning its regional.

    There are more Tech alumni in the area than TCU alums. Tech is the eighth-ranked team in the country. TCU probably shouldn’t have even been in a regional.

    Tech gets no respect from the Star-Telegram.

    Al Shields,

  2. Raider Rash
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    TCU is Fort Worth's home team regardless of where everyone went to school.

    Go live in Lubbock if you want Tech to be fully appreciated by the local newspaper.
  4. I have a better idea that solves Al’s problem and most of ours - let’s send the Star Telegram to Lubbock.
  5. Al Shields is a ham sandwich.
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  6. Dear Al Shields,


    Shut up and subscribe to the local Lubbock rag if you want Texas Tech coverage.

    And put some ointment on it to stop the itching.

    Yours sincerely,

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram
  7. It's not the Lubbock Star-Telegram.

    Go back to raider rash country [ hundin].
  8. FIFY
  9. TCU people living in Houston feel for this guy. The one time a year the local NBC affiliate talks about TCU is in their annual state of Texas football preview show and you would think TCU is some mythical football giant they've once heard the elders around here speak about when they talk of these mighty Frogs. Houston Chronicle ain't much better. Aggies run this city.
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  10. Wat? Somebody doesn't like the Startlegram?
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  11. Shouldn't surprise anyone that a Tech graduate hasn't learned about this thing called the internet and online subscriptions.
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  12. Yeah but I don’t expect the HOUSTON Chronicle to spend a lot of time covering the team four hours away.

    Same way I wouldn’t expect the FORT WORTH Star Telegram to devote a lot of time to covering a team four hours away.
  13. So, anyone check the Avalanche Journal coverage for the same day? I’m guessing it wasn’t close to equal representation...
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  14. He is correct, Tech has more alumni in the area, but fewer that are literate
  15. [​IMG]

    If Facebook is to be trusted, Al Shields in Benbrook didn’t even attend Texas Tech.
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  16. Go pokes!
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  17. Another reason not to live in Houston.
  18. Easy, fellas. The guy's not wrong. If there truly was NO coverage of Tech winning its regional, that's bad on the Startle.
  19. Yeah, I agree. But you have to admit that the Startlegram doesn't spend much time covering the U of Houston and/or Rice University. But doncha wish the Houston Chronicle (is that the paper?) would hire away one of our local "sports" reporters whose last name begins with E? He has another long article in today's Startlegram defending and praising both Briles and Baylor. Amazing.
  20. TCU’s football stadium is named after the man that founded the Star Telegram. There will probably always be a connection between the two. TCU is Fort Worth’s team.

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