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Business Journals: There's mayhem right now in college sports' name-image-likeness business

Moose Stuff

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Well, we certainly weren’t the only school paying players. But now that you can do it legally, out in the open, and with immediate transfer eligibility, I think eventually the entire FBS minus 20 or so schools will just become a big farm system for those 20 or so schools. And when that happens, the sport will die as interest dries up.

We have found common ground.

Moose Stuff

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I don't see schollies becoming taxable, but I KNOW NIL money will be. The players earning that even now should be setting aside up to a 1/3rd to pay federal (and state) taxes. Texas' lack of a state income tax is something of an advantage for schools like TCU that are located there.



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They aren't really generating millions by their play, at least on an individual basis. That's what is hard to reconcile for me. Every one of these players is entirely replaceable and the money coming in will not change.

Without the stage, nobody would pay $5 to watch 20 year-olds play football. And they are about to royally scheiss up the stage.
Fans root for the school name on the jersey. Individual players can become fan favorites, but the jersey is more important than the player’s name. This is why this will implode at some point.


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I'm sure many on here remember that day when you opened the paper and read that Coach wacker dismissed 7 or 8 of our best players because of rules infractions. This is what we have to look forward to but it will be a slow drip of starters or future starters heading to the portal unless we can out bid other programs. We already have 15 to 20% annual turnover (my guess on the %) due to graduation or loss of eligibility now add another 25% (Patterson said we could lose 25 to 30 players) turn over to the portal.


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When a super league does happens there will be about 100 FBS schools that will breathe a collective sigh of relief that they no longer have participate in that pay [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. Unfortunately for them NIL will never be able to be put back in its box. The sport is screwed.

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The scenario all 3 mentioned to me that will likely be where college sports and I start to part ways is the one where the big school that needs to plug a gap on their team ID’s a player at a smaller school and pays him as much as it takes to transfer.

This. I stopped watching pro sports because it is only about money (at least pro has contracts and trade rules). When the college game is buying transfers each year, I will stop watching and financially supporting. I don't see myself just dropping football either, but all college sports.

If we get the top 30ish money schools to break away and take the greed with them for NFL lite, then college sports might be saved.