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Browns v Steelers

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Thought I’d watch a little NFL tonight while the Mrs. finishes up Bridgerton on one of those streaming channels. What a cluster this is. I’m only watching now to see how these broadcasters try and keep an audience. And I may have missed it but never saw Carrie Underwood which I’ve thought is the best part of the NFL for quite a while.
  2. I like Mayfield more than Roethlisberger, so I hope Cleveland wins. But am surprised at how badly the Steelers are playing.
    Hope the Bills/Jerry Hughes win the whole thing.
  3. Packers(3 Frogs) or Rams(2 Frogs) against the Bills in the SuperBowl and I'll be happy no matter who wins. Cordel Iwuagwu is on the Browns practice squad but I can't stand Bakefield.
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  4. Mrs. Brewingfrog and I were watching the first play. The snap sailed over Big Rape's head, and wound up under a mound of Browns in the endzone. Both of us cheered! And, then we stopped, shocked... "Are we rooting for the Browns?!?"
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  5. Pitt ain’t out of it yet.....

    (pulling for Cleveland)
  6. Sooooo...steelfrog drinking heavily or already dead?
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  7. Pitt scored again, wow. 35-23

    Not sure why Pitt went for 2 down 19, made absolutely no sense....
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  8. Would you have went for it on that 4th and 1?
  9. That should be ballgame.
  10. Not so fast
  11. As much as the Browns have sucked over the years, I don't think that even they can blow a 19 point 4th quarter lead.
  12. Houston Oilers: Hold my beer...
  13. Agreed, or should I say I dislike Roethlisberger far more than Mayfield. As far as who's left I'd go 1) Bills 2) Saints Actively rooting against Ravens and Browns now.
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  14. I cannot stand the Ravens. Never have really.
  15. Spencer Rattler has replaced Baker Mayfield on my "most punchable face" list.
  16. I still bear a grudge against that franchise for how they skulked out of Clevelend in the dead of night. And I'm not at all a Cleveland fan.
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  17. I thought it was the Colts that did that (to Baltimore, I might add)?
  18. It was the Colts that snuck out of Baltimore in the night to move to Indy.

    The NFL, NBA, etc need rules to make the name stays with the city. Colts in Baltimore (for Pimlico), Oilers in Houston (obvious reason), Lakers Minneapolis (Land of a 1000 lakes), Jazz for New Orleans (Jazz for Utah? How about missionaries).
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  19. Colts snuck outta Baltimore to Indy, Browns later followed suit and left Cleveland for Baltimore. Houston to Memphis for a layover before going to Nashville.

    The Rams used to be in Cleveland then St Louis then LA again, the Cardinals in Chicago and St Louis, and the Raiders have bounced around a couple times before lighting in Vegas.
  20. Don't forget, the Horned Frogs moved from Waco to Fort Worth.

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