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Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by casualfrogfan, May 29, 2011.

  1. That was probably about as kind as anyone could put it...[​IMG]
  2. If weeping at the sight of football greatness is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  3. ummm.... did you even read what Frisky wrote? She said clearly that the church did not kick out gay people, that their only crime was that they allowed people who were gay to worship. Unless I misunderstood what you were saying, that is...

    I think I will go to the first church that is willing to have sermon after sermon about the sins of being fat. But for some reason, I have never been to one that condemns that.
  4. Personally I just think he's an annoying blow hard who makes a nice living off the political frustrations of the conservative leaning voter. I can't blame him for making a buck and not having to mooch off the government or play the corporate suck up game to do it, but personally I exercise my freedom of choice to turn him off. Unless he is inviting me I don't care to hear which high roller he smoked cigars with last weekend.

    I have some ghetto rap cd's in the car. I frequently listen to Korn or Robb Zombie when I'm at the gym moving some iron around, does that mean I should get stoned too?
  5. I think that just means you have bad taste in music ... :ph34r::tongue:
  6. are we still talking about a Church, or are we talking about the British Broadcasting Company (or whatever the heck those initials stand for).....

  7. I don't think you emphasize the people who are just along for the ride. You pay attention to the bus drivers.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that even if 40% of Republicans are mild as baby shampoo, that's not what we're going to get from the Republicans. We've got a track record to draw on. The hardliners set the Republican tone and agenda. The conservatives in the Dem party set the Democratic agenda.

    If anyone looks at healthcare, the Republican response was hell no. The Democratic response was to pass the Bob Dole plan from 1996.

    The toughest and most aggressive part of the Republican party is actually very radical and very effective. The radicals in the Democratic party are the weakest and most ineffectual part of the Democratic party.

    This is obvious. We're still at war, we're still in all the Bush mess, we can't raise taxes, and we get to hear how the nation has gone totally commie while so little has changed. Why? Is it because moderate Republicans and Democrats don't want a change? No, it is because the aggressive parts of the Republican right scare the bejeebers out of everyone normal with the threat of a smear campaign on their morality, patriotism, or capitalist commitment.

    I have to emphasize what is important. Is it more important to acknowledge that there are moderate Republicans who help empower the nuts?

    Or should I emphasize the nuts that moderate Republicans are aiding in a radical agenda?

    Moderate Republicans are losing their battle. That accounts for the demographic growth for Democrats in upper income, more educated stratas.
  8. I think all those liberal homosexual gays should be forced to become Merchant Marines where they can be with their own kind.....
  9. or dress up and sing like the village people....

    I suspect those who are in the merchant marines are gay anyhow.... I think that is in the rule book.....
  10. Naw, our Frisky would never be so demonstrative....well, maybe after a race, or after a few margaritas, or.......
  11. doubt that i qualify as a ``good christrian" but I will volunteer to help with the stoning...
  12. Good luck to her. I would say ``break a leg" but she's too young to grasp the theological relevance behind that saying.....
  13. I was taught by my dancer roommate that you never say that to dancers, only stage actors. Because dancers will break their kegs.
  14. Not true. Many people (who express their opinions just as you do) say that the radicals are precisely the people controlling the Democratic Party.

    Have you not seen enough quotes from leaders of the Democratic Party on this forum the last 10 years? Good grief, it's almost a daily occurrence from some of those you have the nerve to accuse of being biased.

    This is why I repeatedly tell you every time you levy one of these charges against the Republicans, a similar one can be levied against the Democrats. Until you come to terms with this, you're going to continue to be marginalized as a hyper-partisan hack.

    It's fine if you want to wear Donkey-shaded glasses all the time. Just be man enough to admit it and don't try to deceive us. We see through it.

    BTW -- your rants in the Rome thread on the football forum were epic pcf partisanship. There have been literally hundreds of times when people on the football forum have injected liberal politics into the discussion throughout the years, and I don't remember one single objection from you. I'd venture a guess that you piled on a few times, though.
  15. http://religionblog.dallasnews.com/archives/2009/06/broadway-baptist-interim-pasto.html
    The interim pastor's response to getting the boot. One of my favorite parts: "(Perhaps when we finish purging our church rolls of homosexual persons, we can get to work on weeding out the gossips.)"
  16. Possibly. However I really see no equivalent "Red Dog Republicans" making much headway anywhere at the moment unlike the Blue Dog Dems who are winning quite a few primaries and seats.

  17. I think he is referring to folks like Nancy Pelosi.....

    but, I can't speak for him.

  18. I like your posts.... you definitely seem to speak my mind.

  19. That's because you're not keeping true score. I don't mix politics with TCU football and certainly not on the football board. People have to have respect for what Coach is building and not detract from it. He's not obsessed with making people feel unappreciated or unwelcome whether they went to another school, have a different ethnicity, or whatever the difference. It doesn't do TCU football any good to have these divisions. One of the things that harmed TCU over the years was a bit of a cliquish attitude-and I've seen Coach and staff literally obliterate a lot of that with personal effort.

    As far as what the Democrats say and do and what the Republicans say and do, I'll let you rethink when the last time abortion rights were expanded and when they were contracted and to compare how many times gays were denied rights by law and how many times legislatures passed laws to expand gay rights.

    The Democrats have compromised on everything while Republicans think more and more of compromise as evil.

    Anyway, if you think my posts on Rome were about political ax-grinding, you're wrong. One thing I've learned is that a lot of people can put it out big time, but they can't take it at all. So I think they need to put less out.

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