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Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by casualfrogfan, May 29, 2011.

  1. You got it H. They did not kick them out the door as Frisky wants to contend. Broadway Baptist lets homosexuals worship in their church. My church lets gays worship in church. But they should never expect to NOT here it called a sin in my church, just like spousal abuse, dishonesty, gluttony, adultery, sexual perversion, theft...you name it. God did not give us the law and gospel based first on foremost on the intent of not offending anyone.
  2. Broadway Baptist Church was kicked out of the Southern Baptist Convention because they were not anti-gay enough.
  3. What isn't true? Broadway Baptist let gay people attend the church, but they didn't perform gay weddings or ordain gay clergy. I didn't say anything about condoning or not condoning, I just stated the facts on record. That SBC ruling occurred here in Louisville so I followed the proceedings pretty closely. If letting gay people openly attend church is your definition of condoning then yes, they condoned the behavior. I never stated otherwise.
  4. This may be your most confusing post ever, as you and I both said "they did not kick them out the door". Yep, they didn't kick them out the door.

    I eagerly await the SBC bringing charges against a church for allowing pictures of fat people in their directory.

  5. Hey Spike, how you doing? Are you still in LE?

    I ate a dinner there a couple times about 6 months ago when I was borderline homeless. I heard about the recent split at the church there a couple of years ago because the leadership became very liberal. Also, just finished reading a book about a fellow who came out of the homosexual lifestyle, and he said the church was very pro gay, and they asked him to leave. Also lot of gay bars in that area I guess.
  6. That's exactly right Burford, they condoned the behavior. There is a big difference between that and receiving homosexuals who are struggling to get out of the lifestyle.
  7. They weren't doing gay weddings or ordaining gay clergy, they just hadn't kicked the gays out the door when they showed up. - Frisky

    Your clear inference here is that the SBC kicked Broadway Baptist out of the convention because, as you said "they just hadn't kicked gays out the door when they showed up."

    Have you been drinking heavily tonight?
  8. Let me help you out here, big guy. In post #21 of this thread you typed "You got it H. They did not kick them out the door as Frisky wants to contend." In your rush to say something snarky about me you inadvertently typed the exact same thing as me - that they did not kick them out the door.

    The SBC kicked out Broadway Baptist for being too "gay friendly" - their words. They were not accused of doing gay weddings or ordaining gay clergy, they were accused of having gays active in their fellowship. The SBC has every right to kick out anybody they want on whatever grounds they want. During that same convention they kicked out a church for having a female pastor. That the SBC and I might have differing doctrinal perspectives is not exactly "alert the media" material.

    Nope, I rarely drink and I was at a wedding all evening where there was no alcohol served. Don't worry, though. It was one of those old fashioned het weddings with the right number of penises involved. You can sleep easy tonight knowing that the social fabric of our society wasn't ripped apart by two adults with the wrong number of penises standing before their friends and family to pledge their love and commitment to each other.

    Here's an interesting thought:
    What if I decided that gun ownership and Christianity are completely incompatible? Jesus never mentions gun ownership, but there are plenty of passages that lend themselves to a strict mandate of nonviolence. Now what if I decide that my particular interpretation of the gospel is the only acceptable Christian one? What if I make rules that unrepentant gun owners cannot be leaders in the church? What if I brought charges against any church that was too "gun owner friendly" and was brazenly allowing unrepentant gun owners to worship with them without telling them regularly enough that they were going to hell for their guns? What if I decided my religious understanding of gun ownership must be transferred to national policy and so the US must ban gun ownership based on the claim to be a Christian nation? What if I showed up at gun shows with big signs saying "God hates you"?

    Nah, this metaphor doesn't work. It's a million times easier to change your gun ownership status than your sexual orientation.
  9. Exactly what were they doing to condone the behavior? Please be specific.
  10. Hey EZ.
    I got out of LE in 2003. Got the chance to go back to school and took it. Went to STCL in Houston, that's why I was at Lakewood w/ Joel for a while. I'm back in Frog town and I go to Turning Point w/ Jeff Wickwire. Fast forward a few I'm now a private practice attorney doing debt defense, wills/probate, bankruptcy, and some oil n gas when I can get it. I avoid criminal and family law like the plague.

    Don't know much about that church. I usually try to avoid anything with the word Baptist in it. There is a bit of a gay area, for lack of a better term, in that area of town. My best friend who is (openly?) hetero used to work for a real estate broker on Magnolia. Magnolia is kind of an artsy area. Most of his coworkers were gay and they sold a lot of homes in the Fairmont area. My buddy could do a frighteningly good impression of men on sports, from the old "in living color" show.
  11. OK, do you see a difference between a desire and an action?
  12. Dang I need a spell checker.

    I don't really spend a lot of time talking about my love life among strangers, and I sure don't kiss and tell, and I'm caught a little off guard when others do. Guess Mom and Grandmother raised me differently. Am I still "openly" hetero? If anything I'm "openly" purple. I'm sure I've bored a number of people to death letting them know that the Frogs won the Rose Bowl and won 3 games in Omaha.

    Not too many in my circle of friends are bored enough to care what someone else does behind a closed door, but it needs to stay there. Some of the biggest proponents of their "right to privacy" (still can't find it in the Constitution, must be hidden under one of those penumbras, but I digress), are the main ones that need to utilize it, instead of trying to force acceptance of something I disagree with. Show me that your good at your job and can help me succeed because of it, or that you like baseball, or know the best place to get a hamburger in the area, some kind of common ground, not what kind of perverted stuff you do in your bedroom.
  13. I can buy that. Sort of like my ``just don't do it where it scares the horses"
  14. You've never complained to me about that before. Should I keep sending the PMs?
  15. They weren't holding public shamings or painting scarlet H's on their gay members chests.

    Broadway Baptist isn't and never was pro gay. They've just been way too busy feeding the homeless and ministering to their community for any anti-gay preaching.

    Burford, how many times in a year on average does your preacher preach against homosexuality from the pulpit?
  16. If he does it at all, you might need to worry about the preacher. Anybody that can stand up in front of a bunch of families with kids and go off preaching about gays is suspect.


  17. Wow, things have really gone well for you. So glad to hear that. Well I would much rather live in FW than Houston. I'm guessing that there is a lot of bankruptcy work going on now, but I know there are a lot of lawyers in this business too.

    Well I went to Wickwire's church a few times in like 1990 or 1991 time frame. I'm trying to remember where it was then and what the name of it was. I'm thinking it was like off of Montgomery or University somewhere. I really like his preaching. In fact I think he's a great preacher. Do the ushers still tell you where you have to sit though? I guess that was the one thing I didn't like about it, but that might also be because of my problem with authority figures.

    Anyway, really glad to hear you are doing so well. You seem very blessed to me.

  18. C'mon, Frisky, you know better than that.

    If you're not passionately, violently against it, you're condoning it.
  19. RSF, how the heck are you today? Enjoying that holiday BBQ? Just curious, did you make it to church yesterday? Didn't you say one time you were catholic?
  20. Not about what anyone does in their bedroom. Did you think the gays at BBC were having sex in the pews? It's about recognizing a variety of family structures.

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