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Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by casualfrogfan, May 29, 2011.

  1. Does anyone go to this church? Why are they so pro-gay now?

    Amazing how a pro-gay church could have the best homeless dinner in Ft. Worth on Thursday nights. I gotta give them credit for that.




  2. Oh yeah, truly incredible that people who disagree with you are capable of doing good.
  3. I think the dinner's are part of their pro-gay agenda? They sprinkle the food with stem cells from gay people and force all the volunteers to wear Jordache Jeans.
  4. :laugh:
  5. What exactly is pro gay about the church? If you don't mind me asking how did you become aware of this particular function?
  6. If I volunteer can I keep the jeans?
  7. I think Broadway is ``pro-gay" in that it doesn't kick out or otherwise discriminate against gay or possibly gay members......especially if the member is a world-famous pianist who has done some very good things for his church and his hometown. The link between that and feeding folks might be that if you are concerned about your fellow beings, and are charitable in your heart, that concern, love and charity mgiht well extend to folks who are not openly heterosexual.
  8. Wait, how is one openly heterosexual? Thyat is some leftist spin if I've ever heard it.

    I know my preacher would not hesitate to give an openly gay homeless persson a sandwich, a cup of coffee, and a warm greeting.

    He does not waste a lot of valuable sermon time harping on homosexuality, but he has come out several times and stated that homosexuality is contrary to the word of God. Is that discrimination?

  9. He ate the tainted meal and now he has an overwhelming desire to sing show tunes......

  10. Are you saying Billy Joel is gay?
  11. I'm Wayne Brady, B--ch!!!!!!!!!
  12. Broadway Baptist was removed from the Southern Baptist Convention when it became known that they had gay people attending. They weren't doing gay weddings or ordaining gay clergy, they just hadn't kicked the gays out the door when they showed up.
  13. I am openly heterosexual. I am not forced by society or my church to try and be a sexual orientation I am not.
  14. Openly!!!! In church???:eek:hmy:

    At least I waited till no one was around and climbed into the belfry/choir loft (depending on the week)!
  15. That sounds normal and mainstream to me.

    SBC says only two issues matter in how their members vote: abortion and same sex marriage.

    Once again, I point to this for Duq to contemplate. Some sectors of our society are actively engaged in pushing what cannot be considered a moderate agenda or a moderate treatment of people. This doesn't damn all Republicans, Republican voters, or conservatives, but shouldn't it raise some questions about the power centers of the Republican party right now?

    This is not Eisenhower's party. This isn't even Nixon's party. This is George Wallace's, JBS's, and Jerry Falwell's party aligned with a few anti-government market types who see an opportunity to replace a commitment with a coupon.
  16. They put gay couples on the directory.
  17. The Family Research Council was founded by a gay guy. Ted Haggard got his own church. And on and on. But let's kick out the Church that doesn't pretend or make hypocrites of Christianity. That's sound policy.

    I figured out long ago that if they got rid of all the people who were sinners, I'd be awful lonely here all by myself. Give people some leeway if they're open about it. They're more likely to conform to more normal social standards if you don't kick them out of society completely.
  18. No, a couple asked and the church knew it would be problematic so they changed the directory format to all informal candids of church activities with no family portraits.
  19. I think you know that isn't true, Frisky...or at least you should. Broadway Baptist condoned the behavior, contrary to SBC position.
  20. I have been openly heterosexual ever since I discovered girls when I was about 9. I make no bones about it. I guess that's how one is openly heterosexual. If you are heterosexual and don't hide it, I include you in my group. And how the hell is that leftist?

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