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  1. Where it ends, usually depends on where you start
  2. Next year the dude just needs to stay inside on 12/31.
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  3. Most baffling player in TCU history
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  4. What a dumbass.
  5. I’m afraid the dude won’t start getting it until it’s too late. That time may have already passed. Sad.
  6. he was probably trying to steal the watch i bought but never sent me.
  7. never too late to change, opportunities might have changed but life has a way to taking us in directions we sometimes never expect.

    consider the case of charles thompson
  8. UT is following suit this year it seems, although its not their starting qb.
  9. Kid needs direction and some stability. I wish GP would step in and show some love to the kid and get him in the right programs and steady employment to stop this continual skid. And if not GP some kind hearted donor that would be willing to step in.
  10. Sometimes the best love is to let him him sit his ass in jail
  11. how do you know he has not tried? He has been given plenty of opportunities that none of us have ever had and this is what he does with it. Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade.
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  12. I think a whole bunch of people have tried to help him, but until he wants to help himself it won't get any better.
  13. Truly a sad situation and waste of opportunities that most of us can only dream of. I have no doubt numerous people have tried to help him. He will have to hit rock bottom (live behind bars for a while) before he has any chance to recover and move forward.
  15. If he has not grown up by now don't expect change. To expect GP to help him more than he has unbeknown to you or I is unfair to coach GP. Why put that burden on him more? No one can be babysitted there whole lives. Boykin owns it, he has do deal with it!! Go Frogs!
  16. Wondered about that. Sold it about 20 times?
  17. Sadly, he's bipolar and when those with that affliction get off their meds, crapola happens. So many of these shooters, or machete hackers recently and over the past few years that have been identified as "mentally ill" usually have term bipolar dropped somewhere by a family member in the follow-up interviews. TCU & Raider's Barret Robbins was bipolar and his disappearance the evening before the '03 Super Bowl was directly tied to his going off his meds as were the troubles he repeated got into over the next 13 years before bing sent to a mental institution in '16 for slugging a mother & her daughter. Guidance and support from friends & whomever are all fine and dandy, but once that last intake of medication wears off in today's high tech, in your face 24/7 intensity, all bets are off. In his case, as in so many others, independence and thrills kill. If he doesn't stay on his meds, he will most likely be imprisoned, institutionalized or interred.
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  18. Didn’t know about a definitive diagnosis but did spend about six years of my career dealing with psychiatric medicines. There’s a lot of truth in your post AND those medicines are among the most tricky to deal with.
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  19. Has Boykin been diagnosed as being bipolar or are you making an educated guess?

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