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Boycott Championship Game

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by McFroggin, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Thank you Dabo, thank you Trevor and all those wonderful pioneers who invented "the line". You are all special to me.

    It's lot 3 -spaces 345/346. Just say Clemson and I'll take care of you. (Pre game fireball shots are our speciality).
  2. You there for basketball? Baseball?
  3. Thank you to those that joined the boycott. It was the lowest rated title game in 5 years. A win is a win.
  4. You took a poll?

    I demand documentation.

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    I understood it. That's one. Others can like or reply to let us know if they understood.

    (This post has potential to break a record for likes)
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    Haha not sure if this has been posted. Tweet during the NC game:

  7. I picture all of you boycotters looking like Tobias Fünke protesting the yacht club.
  8. But those teams, in the modern era at least, Nebraska, Miami, et al were found to be cheating or "beating the system" somehow someway. So really all it takes is a level playing field for parody. I'm not saying that it has ever existed in college football just that it would make it much better. As it stands there is zero motivation for me to watch any non TCU football game unless its the last week of conference play and TCU is fighting for a championship game spot.

    Nobody asked for or wanted this current 4 team invitational other than Bill Hancock. When guys from Hawaii are choosing to go to Alabama, there is something seriously, dreadfully wrong, my soul will not accept it.
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    so when a quarterback from pennsylvaina opted to play for bear back in the 60's that was right?

    ou has cheated all the way back to bud wilkerson, army had an academic scandal back in the 50's, and if you think national recruiting is an issue i really don't know what to tell you.
  10. Really?

    We've got kids from Washington and Connecticut on our team, and will have one from Australia next year. What's the big difference?
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  11. If it were would you recall it so vividly?

    Nevertheless, I'm not promoting pre NY6 era just admonishing the failure to improve the system when that is what the populous was clamoring for and told they would receive.

    This ^#*$ sucks.

  12. Not kids with offers from every program in the nation.

    Its no coincidence the, ahem state school of Alabama and the ag school of South Carolina are the only contenders year after year. To be honest, those are not the schools TCU should be striving to keep company with, regardless of the topic of discussion.
  13. Liked for the ironic use of “parody”
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  14. Ha that is funny, spell check suggested. Parity was what I was looking for.
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  15. The idea that there is, or ever will be, parity in college ball is a parody in itself....
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  16. i remember it because it was joe namath and not that something was wrong.

    the one thing you get when you read the old testament is a reminder that no sin is a new sin and the world has had issues for a very long time.

    college football is no different.
  17. I'm not sure what you're complaining about other than TCU isn't doing as well as some of these other teams. That's really what sucks, right? Should we go back to the Mountain West where wins were a lot easier to come by?

    The 2010 TCU team was comprised of recruiting classes that averaged about 55th, and there are more than a few people on here who claim that was the best team in the country. Was it? And now for some reason unless we recruit Top 20 classes every year we can't compete. Can you explain that?
  18. guessing he got his tuition covered too. not a bad deal. obviously, not a lot of money for spending, but he spent all his time studying and in football while doing that. Which means meals while at work, etc. Not a bad way to get a grad degree and get into coaching. Assistants in general are underpayed.
    And now, Clemson banks off the current investment.
  19. The marching band were shown on ESPN News on the "command center" broadcast. At least Clemson was. And they were really good. So you pretty much have the whole thing.

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