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Boycott Championship Game

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by McFroggin, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. I think you missed the shots of his parents with his girlfriend.
  2. uh ... not likely
  3. People I know in SC I say Climpson...

    Or just NCs now.
  4. Interesting. So not Boner. Don't remember much #@Deep_Purple in the sportsing threads. Is it Wex? If #@Deep is getting hot sports opinions wrong I may have to lift ignore for the entertainment value. Just trying to stay onsides.
  5. When have girlfriends ever stopped an athlete from cheating?

    But, yeah I missed the shots.
  6. When Clemson and Bama can be penciled in the Championship game every year before the season starts, the predictability is too great to receive pleasure bearing witness. It doesn't matter how it happens, the system is broken when the season is meaningless theatrics to a finale that has already been decided. No reason to watch, and I won't be watching the Clemson Bama final next year either. No boycott, just zero desire to be Bill Hancock's pawn.
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  7. I thought that was his sister.
  8. South Carolina
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  9. in the bcs world we would have had bama and clemson play this year.

    in the bowl world i don't recall the conference tie in for the acc, but bama would have been in the sugar bowl 3 of the last 4 years.

    at one time the polls would have decided it prior to the bowl games

    i am an advocate of going to 8 teams in the play-off, but until other programs rise to the same levels we will see the same pattern repeat.

    funny thing is this is not new for college football. we have seen programs dominate for a period of time for decades.
  10. I'm beating that dead horse again, but you are right generally in terms of the same 3-4 teams dominating in each decade or so of college football. We're never going to get parity like everyone seems to want, but the odds of the cinderella, or "little guy" winning the National Title were about 1000% greater in the Bowl era and about 200% greater in the BCS era than it would be in a 8-team playoff format.
  11. aside from miami who beat then #1 ranked nebraska the only "little guy" i can recall winning the national title was byu in 1984 when they went 13-0 against a joke of a schedule.

    that year they beat pitt who finished 3-7-1, baylor 5-6, tulsa 6-5, utah st. 6-5-1, a bad wac conference, and beat a 6-5 michigan team tin the bowl game.

    which other little team won a title that they didn't deserve?
  12. Undeserved is not the right the word, but they didn't have to win two or three straight games against the very best teams to win their titles. Teams could back into a title a lot easier in the prior format than they can now, and let's be honest, not having to play certain teams helps the little guy a little more than the blue bloods.
  13. Assumed that was his jr high sister?
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    why doesn't history show more little guys instead of blue bloods if teams could BACK INTO A TITLE A LOT EASIER IN THE PRIOR FORMAT?

    even when you had multiple polls recognizing multiple champions you still see the name schools repeating again and again and again.

    here is a link:


    bama 12 titles
    usc 7
    ohio state 5
    nd 5
    miami, fl 5
    neb 5
    ou 4
    texas 4
    clem 3
    lsu 3
    fsu 3
    fla 2
    mich st 2
    penn st 2
    pitt 1
    uga 1
    col 1
    mich 1
    tenn 1
    aub 1
    uw 1
    gtech 1
    byu 1

    in 1960 the split national title was between ole miss and minnesota. not exactly two blue blood programs and look at the list over the next 59 years. notice a pattern?

    if it were so much easier who was the little guys that snuck in with all those polls?

    yes, it would be tough for the "little guys" to go through a 2 or 3 game playoff, but not nearly as difficult as the continued decades of bias when perception was wanted decided the champions over actual performance and history reflects that.

    reply as you wish because i am done, history just doesn't support your stance and i would much rather tcu have to face an uphill task through a 3-game playoff than count on a group of people in a hotel conference room.
  15. I get it, but go look at the list of champions in the other divisions (FCS, DII & DIII) that you say have the best playoff format. Even much less parity, which would seem to show that expanding playoffs isn't really going to get you a longer list of champions, it's still going to be the same teams, but even more often than now. I'm not even debating what the best format is, I actually agree that your idea would probably be more "fair", I'm just saying expansion isn't going to give the TCUs of the world a better shot to win it all. It'll make that steep hill even steeper.
  16. I must agree that I have no idea who Spencer Hall is. However, the word "Climpson" was used extensively by our own Dan Jenkins in Semi-Tough as a spoof of the way it is pronounced by local fans and alums. Now, if you don't know Dan Jenkins, or haven't heard of Semi-Tough, I don't know what else to say.
  17. Haha nope. Remember Lawrence was in high school like seven months ago. From what I've read of Lawrence, he's probably a better person than most of us and not the typical super high profile athlete. I will be rooting for him through college and into the NFL... so many teams are going to be tanking in 2020 for the chance to draft him 1,1
  18. [​IMG]

    I don't recall Junior HS girls looking like this.
  19. Well. That was his gf until this video was posted to barstool sports last night. FYI, the girl in the video is not his girlfriend.

  20. That aged well (and quickly).
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