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Boston Herald: Young reliever Durbin Feltman makes fast impression

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  1. Boston Herald: Young reliever Durbin Feltman makes fast impression

    By Michael Silverman | michael.silverman@bostonherald.com

    LAKELAND, Fla. – Durbin Feltman made his first-ever appearance with the Red Sox and it was an impressive one.

    Feltman’s fastball topped out at 95 mph and he showed a sharp-breaking curve-slider, both of whichprompted swings and misses. In his one inning, the ninth, Feltman struck out two and walked one, gathering the final out by picking off a baserunner in the 4-4 tie with the Tigers.

    Why all the detail on a minor leaguer in a Grapefruit League game?

    Read more at https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/0...eliever-durbin-feltman-makes-fast-impression/
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  2. That's a nice write-up. Feltman definitely has the attention of manager Cora. It's clear that they don't want to advance him too quickly, but people could see him making the majors, possibly this season. Would be a great opportunity.

    This Red Sox site doesn't mention Feltman as even a darkhorse, but it's specific to opening day rather than a longer view. In any event, it shows who Feltman's competition is likely to be.
  3. Not even remotely surprised. Arguably the best raw stuff in the country for anyone not named Mize.
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