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Boomer Sooner is “problematic”

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Smellslikeroses, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. So is Texas Fight = incitement
  2. Do y'all even woke?!

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    Yeah my full blooded Cherokee wife who was born and raised on the Nation In Tahlequah, Oklahoma and has two advanced degrees in American history brings this up all the time.....

    Or wait - actually in the over 50 years we have been together, maybe she has actually never mentioned it as a big issue to her efforts to help her people achieve a better life- because it doesn’t change crap to change the song

    no res kid gets a better education, no abuse is stopped, no sexual assault or abduction is investigated and solved, no family is fed or given a job that has a future

    focus on our efforts on making deliberate change to lives not on ceremonial BS to make ourselves feel better

    we do joke that OU has a group of cheaters for a mascot
  4. Woke white people are part of the problem not the solution

  5. Well, we brag about our mascot spitting blood from it’s eyes

  6. There is a lot of [ #2020 ] out there on the internet. If you search just long enough you’ll find something to get you fired up. Seems you accomplished that today.

    Honestly, it seems like some of you try to get pissed off just enough to go outside and yell at a cloud.
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  7. I’m honestly surprised people having made a big deal about them changing the national anthem during the games, too.
  8. WOKE maybe?
    Spit Blood ~~~~<~<and fok baylor!!
  9. Yes.
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  10. true - now if we could just get to the point where we can ignore the elected officials that push the same crap

    for example I will give you a dollar to match every dollar of economic gain you can find a Native American realized from when the woke left forced universities to give up “Indian” related mascots without tribal approval....

    And you can give my .01 for every dollar of value tribes received in economic gain from universities in the 10 years before the change

    I will come out way ahead
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  11. that was one funny movie.
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  12. Moving this to the Pit:
    • Not about TCU
    • Political discussion
    • I hate Boomer Sooner
    • I was born in Oklahoma
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    This is about certain people, miserable in their own existence that use means such as these to empower themselves and dispirit others. They are convinced they are do gooders, when they really accomplish nothing. Truly psychotic.
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    Can’t remember where I heard this recently (maybe here?) but I’ll say it again.

    as a White person who interacts most frequently with other White people, I have ever once heard of anyone speak anything in conversation that resembles “white people are superior than other people because of their skin color.” Not once.

    The only times I can remember anyone even bringing up the idea outside of very very fringe posters on Reddit and 4chan (behind absurd screen names) is when “woke” liberal elites discuss it over and over and over and over.

    In short, it seems like the liberal fascination with the subject is fanning the flames which I guess is the opposite of their desires.

    if you’re wanting our nation’s white children to look on everyone with empathy and treat everyone fairly then how about we stop dividing everyone into every single possible category and teaching them to despise one another because some liberal elite woke professor at Columbia says to.

    It really can be as simple as telling your kids, “we are all Americans. Remember that others may not have as good of a life as you do. Be kind and patient with others.”
  15. I am 1/2 Italian and 1/4 Cherokee (on my mothers side). I can get a tan just walking from the house to the car. Because of this I can now be labeled as "blackfishing". A new term for dark skinned white people....
  16. actually, ou being problematic sadly isn't just a political topic as they have dominated the big 12 since the frogs joined in 2012
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  17. I agree! I thought this was going to be a conversation about how they play that song WAY TOO MUCH...like a much too much!
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