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Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Todd D., Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Anyone carry a knife / multitool as part of their every day carry?

    I have a super generic Kobalt multitool that I've found very useful to have on me at all times. That being the case and recognizing a $15 multitools limitations, maybe to upgrade to some form of Leatherman. Any advice? Been debating between the Wave vs Free P4. Also looking at their K4 which is more of a pocketknife (so no pliers).

  2. My EDC is a Maker Knife, which is just a nice way to carry a standard box cutter blade. I tried carrying an old Leatherman I was given, but it was too bulky. However, the pliers did come in handy so I’d stay away from the K4 if I were to carry one again, but I’ve heard good things about the Wave+.
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  3. Thought this was going to be about golf clubs
  4. I have carried a Victorinox for years. Same company that makes the Swiss Army knives. Much better than my Gerber or Leatherman. Looks something like this one, but I think they make a number of different models. [​IMG]
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  5. upload_2020-7-17_11-25-13.jpeg

    My carry knife...bought it at a hardware store in Honduras around 1980 or so. Rosewood (I think) handle, made in Brazil, blade holds an edge like who'd-a-thunk-it. I don't leave home without it.
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  6. A good carry knife, with a sheath, is the Gerber Gator.
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  7. I have the wave. It is great. I carry it on the case. But it is a fair pocket carry. Gor years I have also carried a CRKT. But just a folder lock blade.

    Unrelated, but for anybody wanting a basic folder, Case and Moore Maker have some great ones.
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  8. Just have a basic Case "Whiskey Bone" folder with a carbon-steel blade. Excellent knife.
  9. Pro-Tech auto with an Emerson blade.
  10. My EDC is an inexpensive Kershaw Shuffle. It replaced the Gerber LST Ultralights I carried for many years. Since I have worked from home for the last decade, have various knives around the house, and have three other knives in my car that are better for most situations, it doesn't get much use, but it 's purple. (Given my lifestyle, the toughest work most knives endure is cutting the tape on Amazon shipments.)
  11. My favorite EDC I’ve had was a little 2” blade stainless Kershaw Chive with assisted opening and lock blade. It works great, is super sturdy and clips perfectly into any 5th pocket on your jeans.
    56FACBDD-9137-4788-BAF5-512520EBA092.png 47538CE9-D7D8-4759-BA3C-9C8733FA7B58.png
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  12. Who needs a laugh? Thought so, here:

  13. I thought it was going to be about double amputee track athletes who are gun enthusiasts...
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