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Big XII Championship path for TCU...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Let's get crazy here for a second. I would assume we have to win out to make it, right?

    Right now OU and Baylor have the inside track and I don't see Baylor losing three games (although I will be rooting like hell for that to happen).
  2. If we win out and they lose to OU, then we’ll all have 2 losses. It would be us and OU.

    I can’t believe I allowed myself to entertain this thought.
  3. You really can’t envision Baylor losing to Texas, OU, and us? You realize they should have lost to Tech right? They are not infallible.
  4. The standings are way too convoluted at this point to say anything definitive.

    KSU, ISU, Texas, and TCU all have 2 conference losses. We have already played all of them while none of them have played each other. So plenty of losses will end up among them, but will they each be 1-1 against the other or will one of them be 2-0 against the other two. Will it be a team we have a tiebreaker against or not?

    Not to mention if we win out Oklahoma will have two conference losses. It could end up a multi-way tie for second where it comes down to record against the other tied teams. If KSU beats Texas and Iowa State then we will be in a three way tie with KSU and OU. In that instance KSU would win the tie breaker. If UT beats KSU and ISU, then we would be in a three way tie with OU and Texas, and we would win the tiebreaker.
  5. And beat Rice by 8. They aren’t as good as the ranking indicates
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  6. This is kind of a mess... how does the tie breaker work?

    We need UT to beat Baylor and lose another game. We also need Iowa State to lose at least one more.

    I can easily see Baylor losing three games. They still have to play OU and a UT team that can't lose another game. Then the game against us makes three. They are a decent team, but they are not world beaters. Should have lost to Tech. Even before this weekend I thought we would beat them just because it is a rivalry and they should come into it undefeated (bringing even more focus and energy into the game). Now you layer in that it is either going to be the game that gets us bowl eligible (if we beat OSU), or it will feel almost like a must-win in order for us to reach bowl eligibility (if we lose).
  7. As annoying as it is, Baylor wins every single close game. Although they've generally been good at close games since Briles
  8. Lol, this board is so bipolar. Let's just worry about the next game.
  9. Bummer to think we had game winning 4th Q moments against both SMU and KSU that could have us sitting at 6-1 right now
  10. Can we make the playoff too?
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  11. We’re not a blue blood. You new here!

  12. Winning out should do it. It will be a round robin of losses in the Big XII over the final month. I imagine we would make it being 7-2 in conference play with a lot of head-to-head tie breakers.

    An optimistic 5% chance of winning out?
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  14. Don't worry about it
  15. There only part that is difficult to imagine is us winning in Norman, but that got a whole lot easier to envision this weekend.
  16. Bejeezus, people! Some of us quit drinking heavily on Saturday evening and, evidently, some didn't.

    Some planets aligned. Maybe a star or two. The heavens aren't going to line up in a classical Minuet and usher us towards the NY6 Promised Land...
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  17. Really just KSU. Loss to SMU stinks, but since it’s out of conference it’s not as important. Had we won the KSU game, we’d be sitting at #2 in the Big 12 with a 3-1 conference record.

    With that being said, I think this is more of a 6-6 type season than a Big 12 championship type season, so it probably doesn’t matter.

    Also, we probably better start mentally preparing ourselves for Baylor being in the Big 12 title game with a chance to win it. They are finding ways to win games in a season where there’s a ton of parity in the conference.
  18. According to ESPN's FPI we have a .4% chance of winning out.

    K-State has a 2.1% chance of winning out. Iowa State has a 3.1% chance of winning out. Both of them have a head to head victory over us, so each needs to lose one. If ISU loses to OU next week, and beats K-State the last week, that'd do it.

    Minor detail is that we need to beat OU in Norman.
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  19. focus on winning each of the next three and if that happens then the ou game will work itself out
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  20. A fanciful notion, except that...."We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there"

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