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Big XII Baseball Tournament

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, May 23, 2018.

  1. Had one...two actually. Didn’t perform. Wondering why nobody is on CKS for his pitchers being able to throw strikes in game situations
  2. I’m not saying he’s not leaving. Just saying I don’t see it in that tweet.
  3. It is better to have watched and lost then never have watched at all. - some famous philosopher
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  4. I’m not gonna hold a pitching coach accountable for seldom used young relievers having trouble throwing strikes in a massive pressure situation.
  5. Exactly - at some point there was a reason why the last 3 guys had not seen much action this year - i think you had to give them a short leash and see if another one could have done better since they were all of a crap shoot at that level
  6. I’m not placing blame anywhere. There’s a lot to go around, don’t get me wrong. But those young men tried. ANd tried hard.

    I’m gonna predict we get in but probably wrong. But proud of the fight in this team.
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  7. Milbauer? Lodolo 1 batter, Wymer 1 batter? That kid was fried after the 1st pitch to the last batter. If the balls had been close misses that is one thing but it was obvious his mind was jacked and he was done.
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  8. Why didn't we just use all of our best pitchers in the moments where Baylor scored all their runs? Instead we waste them all in situations where Baylor didn't score anyway. Dumb.
  9. BTW, I know MSU is a big baseball school but as someone that has been to Starkville many times in my days as a T-38 IP at Columbus, I have always wondered how they ever got in the SEC. That town is 100% [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]hole, however recruiting to a state school wih their rep has to be far easier than the always increasing tuition TCU.
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  10. Nor am I but damn sure a lot of crap being thrown around at a HC on pitching decisions as if he’s making these decisions in complete isolation. Highly doubt CKS was saying...got nobody else that can get outs.

    My point is that the coaches put this team in the best possible position to win. Durbin basically gets 5 outs in the 9th. Pulled the right levers and it didn’t work out. That is all.

    And...I’ve asked many times where Dalton Brown is. I’m guessing nobody knows and that’s okay but he has thrown off that mound at least twice.
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  11. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.
  12. Fixed it.
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  13. Thank god we didn't let grizzly adams get a walkoff hr in the prior inning....so there's that!
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  14. I don’t agree with the people throwing crap at JS either. We have a undermannned team and a closer who is just coming off a shoulder issue who he didn’t want to throw more than one inning. JS played it perfectly to get him the ball with the lead in the 9th. He went all in to win and it should have worked. I’m not gonna fault the guy for that. Not at all.
  15. A blister on his shoulder?
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  16. I'm too disgusted to elaborate on my disgust except to say I've watched a LOT of baseball games over the years and this game ranks up there probably in my top 5 of WORST LOSSES of all time.

    I will say this team fought hard throughout the tournament, but came up ever so short today. Pretty much the narrative throughout the season. Better luck next season guys!
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  17. Lodolo was in the zone. He should have finished the game today. Schloss better stay. Fort Worth vs Starkville. Going to TCU home football games vs not going TCU football games. I hope he hustles TCU for a new stadium and a pay bump and calls it good. Word of advice... be like Gary, not like Fran....
  18. I am over it.

    This team was overachieving anyways. We just lost too many personnel.

    Not like we had a championship caliber team that could go deep in the post season.

    The losses we handed A&M in the post season is far worse.

    Losing to syr in basketball felt worse

    61-58 felt worse

    Even losing to Georgia and Michigan State felt worse- football.
  19. 61-58 was worse in many ways lol...
  20. I am more pissed that we only had Balta for a season and he was starting to catch on fire
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