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Big Weekend for Big 12

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. For those of you who like to whine about B12 not playing P5 schools, this is your weekend! B12 favored in 5 of 9 games, 3 games with spread of 3 points or less. All times central

    TCU (-2.5) at Purdue (6:30)

    Kansas at Boston College (-20.5) (Friday night 6:30 pm)

    Kansas State at Mississippi State (-7) (11 am)

    NC State (-6.5) at West Virginia (11 am)

    Oklahoma State (-14) at Tulsa (2:30 pm)

    Iowa (-2) at Iowa State (3 pm)

    OU (-23.5) at UCLA (7 pm)

    Texas (-32.5) at Rice (7 pm)

    Texas Tech (-2.5) at Arizona (9:30 pm)

    Also, at the Kimball, this is the last weekend of the Monet later years exhibit, GO SEE IT YOU BUMS! UNWASHED SONS A BIATCHES.
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  2. Need to go at least 5-4
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  3. Oddly fascinated by KU @ BC. For some weird reason I think KU makes it a game, at least for 3/4. I think Texas covers by a lot, because they keep starters in way too long and they are generally peckerheads that way.

    Also, neglected to mention the Kimball spread, Monet favored by 2.5 over Degas. I like Edgar for the outright win.
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  4. TCU, ISU, and KSU games will go along way towards knowing just how good this conference is
  5. Tulsa and Rice are not P5 schools, but I guess the point remains, big weekend for the conference.
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  6. You don’t have to disagree with everything. Everyone who read the post understood his point.
  7. My money's on their upcoming Renoir: The Body, The Senses.
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  8. If someone bought one of the artist's works and he personally deposited the purchase amount to his account, it would be Monet in the bank....Autographs available in the lobby after the show....
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  9. WVU and KU will get blown out. They are both terrible.

    OU will blow out UCLA. Texas and OSU should both roll over their G5 opponents

    A lot of the individual teams and the conference overall depth will be fueled by Iowa State, TCU, K-State, and Tech.
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  10. Boom...

    And if the buyer were that girl from The Cosby show, the painting would become a Lisa Bonet Monet.

  11. THIS!!
  12. But he’s The Wex...
  13. Saw that yesterday afternoon. Well worth it. Surprisingly crowded for early Thursday afternoon.

    And on topic, yeah, an important week for the B12. Hopefully Kansas will be the league's only loss. Disappointed in WVa so far. Would like to see Houston beat Wa St tonight, too.
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  14. Agreed.
    WVU and KU are going to lose. K-State probably will too.
    OU and UT are going to win.
    ISU, OSU, TCU, and Tech should win. Will they? I think 3 of 4 here makes it a good weekend.
  15. I disagree. Van Gogh wins by an ear...
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. 7-3 with Kansas St making a statement. I also think OU might score a bazillion
  18. It is Friday the 13.
    Keep an eye on ...
  19. I will laugh my tail off if Texas and LSU go on to lose 4 games each.
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  20. Saw an article earlier in the week that UCLA is offering +4 tickets for FREE to their season ticket holders. . . Sounds like their fans have already checked out on the season, and if so, the team may not be far behind. I'd bet OU to cover.

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