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[big steaming pile] favors moving Rangers to Dallas!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Can't wait to go to a playoff game in Dallas on a Friday afternoon and have the game end at 5 like yesterday.
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  2. I live in Dallas.  I'd much rather go to a game in Downtown Ft. Worth than stupid Arlington.
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  3. Well, the Atlanta braves and Los Angeles rams come to mind in like 2 seconds. I'm certain there are more.
  4. I do wish the rangers would've explored moving to downtown Dallas or downtown Fort Worth.
  5. Should move between 121 and Great Wolf Lodge, just south of 26, in Grapevine. Lots of highways to get traffic out and Grapevine is already in on mass transit.
    This move was a preemptive strike by Arlington.  There were rumors of the Rangers being in talks with Dallas which triggered Arlington to make this move.  I think much of this move is based on the age of the Rangers' owners.  They know they will make up their costs and more for the stadium when they sell the team in a few years.
  7. You do know that the DFW area would not even have a baseball team to argue over if it wasn't for Arlington getting it here in the first place........
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  8. Have they even considered Ennis or Midlothian?
    What about the city down south with the drag racing track?  We should put it next to that.
  10. Actually, north Dallas.
  11. Your point illustrates why it needs to be in Dallas. More people, corporations and money. They are leaving to much $ and franchise value by being in Arlington.

    On a random Wednesday, the game will draw more in downtown Dallas than in Arlington because businessmen in downtown and uptown can easily take their clients to games and families can either ride TRE or Dart to the games.

    Being in Arlington make no business sense now
  12. Umm, no. The majority of ticket sales do not come from Dallas.

    As much as I would love to go to a Rangers game in FTW, Arlington is a good location.

    I don't think the Rangers need a new ballpark either. The Ballpark is only two decades old and a very nice facility. I am for letting them shop their team around and see who will build them a retractable roof stadium. I think the Rangers will be shocked on the lack of knocks on their door. Arlington is bidding against itself IMO.
  13. Why not Dubai?
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  14. The only posters on this board who say the Rangers should be in Dallas live in the Northern suburbs of Dallas or eastward. It's the entitlement mentally as usual from people who live east of Arlington. (Ft. Worth and Tarrant county? Ahhh them.) I might be wrong but you hardly ever hear people west of Arlington demanding the Rangers be in Ft. Worth. FYI, there is big Corp. money in Ft. Worth too!! Go Frogs!
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  15. I don't like the stadium being in Arlington but I do like not having to pay for it.
    West of Ft. Worth there are cows, llamas, and rocks.  East and North East of Dallas there are people.
  17. I guess Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are smart enough to be with the cows, llamas and rocks. Just saying!
  18. Better count the cars coming from the East and West before making that decision.....
    Look, I don't really care, but there is a big difference between 8 home games a year and 80.

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