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Big 12 vs SEC Challenge 2020

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TooColdU, Jan 25, 2020.

  1. I'd be okay if Dennis got closer to 5 mins per game.

    Mistakes on offense usually turns to lazy defense and compounds the problem.
  2. I'm just talking ceiling. RJ has the physical potential to nba. I can’t see that for bane.
  3. What would it be like to get calls at home like Arkansas is?
  4. well, the hogs are certainly lighting us up at the moment. There is that.
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  5. No.
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  6. rj has gotten better, but when you are 3 years into a college career which rj is and you still shoot below 40% from the field and and roughly 30% from 3 i do think the cal irvine game and the last 10 minutes of the iowa state game have skewed perception of his celing.

    yes, he is a good athlete, but finding 6'4" athletes playing college basketball really isn't the unique
  7. That technical foul on Dixon was ridiculous.
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  8. best way to avoid the 3 second calls on samuel?

    freaking feed him in the post and stop dribbling the damn lines off the basketball
  9. We are a turnover machine
  10. RJ is a turnover machine.
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  11. I'll tell Jamie to let you do the scheduling going forward.
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  12. Where was the warning to Musselman on the carry call outburst?
  13. TCU gets to the one and one with 3:25 to play. Nope no home cooking here.
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  14. bane has a skill the nba wants in the ability to shoot 3's.

    this might come as a shock, but the nba does not have a shortage of fluid, 6'4" athletes and you can count on two hands the 6'4" athletes who can't shoot who are drawing an nba paycheck
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  15. Just a question, why did we let Kendric Davis leave? I think he is one of SMU's best players this year. Could have used his experience.
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  16. The hell?
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  17. RJ bricks another 3.....0-4 on the nite...
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  18. No telling.
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  19. Ill advised shot.
  20. Let him? How do you suggest stopping him if he wants to go?

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