Big 12 Pulls In More Than One Conference

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  1. The difference is nobody is going to leave the PAC-12 anytime soon. They do not have to worry nearly as much about the revenue gap as the Big 12. UT, OU, KU, and many other schools (including possibly TCU) are potential targets for other conferences. Nobody in the PAC-12 is a target because none of those schools would ever leave.
  2. Haven't had a relevant NC football team is several years! Time difference really hurts them.

    Just like our numbers would increase if tx had a football team that was decent.
  3. Oregon made the national championship game the year we went to the Peach Bowl (2014) and Washington made the playoff last year. The big 12 only has had one team make the playoff and is the only conference without a national championship game participant in the playoff era.

    However, I do hate that people talk about the Big 12 being terrible when they have a more recent national championship than the PAC-12.
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  4. They went but neither team was going to win is my point
  5. Big 12 makes a lot more money per school than the PAC or ACC. When the Big 12 is last per school in money of the Big 5 conferences, then I will worry.
  6. Reminder: Those other leagues have tier 3 rights revenue built into the distribution number published in those reports, the Big 12 does not. Thus, add a few million at least to the big 12 distributed number (or $15mm in Texas case) to get a true comparison.

    The Big 12 is in the middle of the pack and is doing just fine.
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  7. Just you watch... The first article mentioned that Bob Bowlsby said $34 million per school is coming for 2016-2017 school year. If I remember correctly, that will not include our Tier Three Money that each individual school negoiates, ie. $15 million for Longhorn Network, $8.5 Million for OU and Fox Sports Oklahoma, KU has Fox Sports KC, TCU sold their three rights for a bargain around $2-$3 Million a season, which should be up for renewal soon. Hopefully we get $7-$9 million for more TCU baseball, basketball, etc on Fox Sports SW annually. TCU needs to be on more FSSW regularly next year throughout the state of Texas.

    So watch this... UT will be sitting around $49 Million, OU $42 Million, national power TCU $37 Million and it goes from there.

    Factoring in Big XII Tier Three money so it is a true apples to apples comparison, the real financials should look like this.

    #1 University of Texas - $49 M
    #2 SEC Schools - $44 M
    #3 University of Oklahoma - $42 M
    #4 Big Ten Schools - $38 M

    TCU - $37 M

    #5 Big XII Schools - $34 M Plus their Tier 3 Revenue
    #6 Pac 12 Schools - $28.7 M
    #7 ACC Schools - $25.5 M

    It's amazing how far TCU has come. Campus wise, sports wise, brand wise, revenue wise. Truly remarkable meteoric ascension. We made maybe $2-3M a year in regular season TV money at best in the Mountain West. Now it's time for a string of National Championships. I wonder what amount it would take to bring Coach Bumpas out of retirement?
  8. Please send this to a bunch of reporters and dare them to post it if they have the balls
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  9. I don't understand why people think Kansas is a school other P5 conferences want just because of their basketball. It wasn't that long ago when KU was an eyelash away from being our conference mates in the Mountain West.

    No one wanted them in the last round of expansion, and no one is going to be busting down the door for them next time either. Football and TV markets drive the conference expansion bus.

    It's borderline criminal that KU is allowed to take home as much money as they do without contributing a single thing to football other than a 9th conference opponent everyone has to play resulting in unbalanced home/away scheduling.
  10. Try $1 million from the MWC.
  11. Unfortunately our Tier 3 TV money is actually closer to $300k a year, according to TCU Frog Club reports. We get some added revenue from broadcasts we produce, but not too much. Del Conte has talked about being disappointed he did the deal he did, he traded more exposure on FSN and control of broadcast production (for the University) for fewer dollars. He has said he would do the deal different, for more dollars, if he had a do over.
  12. Think abou

    What a bargain for FSSW. CDC will get this right next time around. I enjoy the campus produced Inside TCU Athletics show with Brian Estridge and Friends. My favorite segments are the interview portion and the other things around campus segments. They should do a tailgate scene segment this coming year and maybe a day with CDC segment. Both would be good.

    I bet CDC could get at least $5 million a year for FSSW to broadcast more TCU basketball and baseball games in the future seasons. FSSW has been a good partner for TCU. TCU should negotiate that any of their regional broadcast games have to also be concurrently running on the Fox Sports App.
  13. I still think if the Big 12 could get it's act together it could lure the Arizona schools away. We could pay them more money and give them much more favorable start times than the Pac-12 delivers. While the Big 12 looks dysfunctional right now, that could be corrected by getting a couple more schools on board to stablize things (and I don't mean by adding schools like Houston and SMU).

    I personally would like the Big 12 to stick around. I could easily see an exodus of UT, Tech, OU, and OSU to the Pac-12 like they almost did in 2010 happening if the conference falls apart. And the Pac-12 wouldn't likely take any schools with religious ties.
  14. Guess I better throw this away then [​IMG]
  15. So why are football ticket prices going through the roof?
  16. Per school revenue is all that matters. I can't believe the way the media is reporting the ACC total revenue. Who cares about total revenue?

    As long as UT/OU have the opportunity to keep pace with SEC via their tier 3 rights I think the big 12 will stay in tact.
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    For the Big 12 to be the most stable conference in the country, all that needs to happen is for UT & OU to just say "We love the Big 12 and will never leave."

    But instead they say everything but that. Why? They both have excellent tier 1 and tier 2 deals, play in a conference of geographic rivals and had the easiest road to the tournament before the ridiculous conference championship game was reinstated.

    Entitled crybabies.
  18. For the Big 12 to be stable, we need Texas to get their [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] together and fast. A competitive league is the best league.

    Ultimately, TCU probably can't do better than $1mm a year for tier 3 TV rights. We just don't have the inventory to sell... 1 football game, a few non-conference men's basketball games, and then some WBB and baseball. It's just not enough in-demand content to raise money. TCU's alumni base can't produce the eyeballs alone.

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